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Daughter ( Musume?) is the twenty-third chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Knuckleduster attacks Kuin.

Kuin Hachisuka seems confused by what Knuckleduster says about her mother. Knuckleduster tells her that he doesn't want to talk to the "Bee User", but that he wants to speak to his daughter. Kuin laughs hysterically. Knuckleduster rushes towards her with his taser knuckles. He swings, but Kuin dodges by moving to the side. However, she is unable to dodge a second swing from Knuckleduster's second bare fist. Knuckleduster reveals that he hopes not to strike her with the taser knuckle. One hit to a limb would knock her unconscious, and a hit to the chest would kill her.

Kuin sends out a cloud of worker bees. Knuckleduster rushes towards Kuin, just as a bee explodes besides him. Kuin laughs as blood spurts from her left eye. She explains how these bees are special "bomb bees". The cloud of bomb bees fly towards Knuckleduster and explode. However, the first bomb bee was the only real one, and the rest were bluffs. Kuin is backed into a corner, and she jumps off the roof and escapes into the streets. Knuckleduster uses his grappling hook to pursue her.

Back at the roof of the department store, the audience is in a state of confusion after the blackout. Eraser Head tells Midnight that he had run into a villain, and is waiting with the unconscious eel until the police arrive. Rescue workers are helping the citizens who were injured by Teruo Unagisawa down on the street. A few minutes later, Makoto Tsukauchi is explained by Midnight and Present Mic how a villain was what caused the blackout. The audience begins to get rowdy.

Pop☆Step goes on stage.png

Suddenly, Captain Celebrity arrives. Makoto tells him to go and retrieve some spare generators to restore the power. Makoto tells Midnight and Mic that they need an MC to keep the crowd busy, and asks Mic if he would fill the role. He apologizes for he and Midnight are officially on standby until the conflict is resolved. Makoto worries that if she were to go up on stage, there would be nobody to manage how things were going backstage.

The president of the East Naruhata High Dance Squad and the Feathers worry that the show is called off, and Pop☆Step notices that Koichi Haimawari has gone off somewhere. Koichi emerges from the crowd as The Crawler. He gives Pop her microphone. Pop agrees with the plan for her to go on stage and keep the audience calm.

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