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Liberation ( (かい) (ほう) Kaihō?) is the two hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Tomura Shigaraki recalls every moment of his past till now, deciding to deem the hands of his body unnecessary by crushing his father's hand with rage and anger. Re-Destro attempts to finish him off with 100% of his "Stress" Meta Ability activated, but Tomura retaliates his attack and swiftly disintegrates Re-Destro's energy tendrils with ease.

This nearly destroys all of Deika City, crumbling most of the surrounding buildings entirely. While Tomura holds off Re-Destro, Gigantomachia heads towards his location and Geten retreats from his battle with Dabi. While this is happening, Tomura shows no signs of injury or pain. Tomura mocks Re-Destro by telling him that he understands the latter's motive for destroying whatever bugs him for fun. Re-Destro begins to panic as Tomura moves towards him with intention.

The walking Angel of Death.

Re-Destro rebuffs Tomura's claim and proceeds to summon his support item to amplify his Stress. While doing so, Re-Destro realizes he is feeling fear towards Tomura and briefly recalls his past as a child. Now armored, Re-Destro prepares to use 150% of his power. However, Tomura does not seem to be fazed at all.

Meanwhile, Twice and three of his clones move an unconscious Himiko and her clone through the chaos and destruction, hoping to regroup the League of Villains after this conflict. Mr. Compress witnesses Gigantomachia's sheer power and heads towards Dabi's location. Dabi tells Compress that he nearly burnt Geten in the process, but the latter decides to call Daruma Ujiko to warp the League to safety. Daruma refuses since Johnny appears to have limits to his Warping Quirk. He also adds on that he has no intention of associating himself with organizations targeted by other groups.

Compress calls Daruma out for his selfish motives and points out that Tomura is nearly on the brink of death. Daruma admits that this was his intention to get Tomura in a tight situation. As Gigantomachia rampages through the MLA, Geten quickly heads towards Re-Destro's location. Geten apologizes for worrying Re-Destro and tries to reach his master, only to get swatted away by Gigantomachia. At the same time, Spinner and a few of Twice's clones hold on to Trumpet's truck to stop the politician.

Gigantomachia finally reaches where Tomura is located but stops once he sees Tomura embracing his true evil. Re-Destro notes that Tomura is beyond his liberation as he charges up his final move. Tomura then unleashes the full power of his Quirk, seemingly resulting in a large mass of destruction headed straight for Re-Destro.

Chapter Notes

  • Tomura finally embraces his true nature and prepares to obliterate Re-Destro.
    • Re-Destro summons support gear to form a stress-amplifying armor around himself.
    • Gigantomachia arrives to witness the clash between Tomura and Re-Destro.
  • Geten flees from his battle against Dabi and tries to go and stop Gigantomachia. However, he gets swatted away by the giant and is thrown a far distance.

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