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Tenko Shimura: Origin, Part 2 ( () (むら) (てん) () :オリジン2 Shimura Tenko: Orijin 2?) is the two hundred and thirty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


After being punished by his father, a sadden Tenko is crying in the backyard while holding his family dog Mon. Accidentally, he activates his quirk Decay for the first time without realizing it, disintegrating the dog in his arms and killing him, leaving only bloody chunks of meat.

Tenko is horrified to see this, as he hears his sister call out to him. Hana attempts to apologize for letting him take the pain of their father, despite it being her idea. Tenko tries to warn her of the danger but finds his voice has been damaged by this new phenomenon. Hana notices her brother is in pain and runs to help him but is horrified to find their dog completely destroyed and runs off in terror. Tenko tried to plea with her to help but is unable to speak.

After he manages to catch up with her, however, his barehand touches her and she ends up disintegrating as she calls for their mother. Tenko was horrified at her death and puked at the sight.

The day Tenko's Quirk manifested.

As his Quirk manifested, Tenko’s mother and grandparents appeared and are horrified with his acts. Begging for help, Tenko tries to reach his mother, but he touches the ground and his decay spreads, accidentally slaughtering them. His mother, even while she's falling to pieces, tries to reach out to him to hug and comfort him, but her body falls apart before she can do it, right in front of Tenko. Kotaro was alerted by the noise and discovered his son's deed. Standing horrified, Kotaro can only stare at the scene while Tenko begged him for help and the area around them is destroyed.

The frantic Tenko continues to beg his father for help and runs to him, decaying everything with his Quirk unconsciously. In shock, Kotaro tries to defend himself and attacks him with a pole and orders him to stop. However, he is scared to see that his act has triggered Tenko’s instincts and with full intent to kill, he attacked his father and touched his face for the pain he caused while telling him to die. Tenko recalls the relish he felt in ending his father’s abusive treatment.

The house is destroyed in the process while Tomura guesses that he may have always wanted an event like that to happen.

Chapter Notes

  • The time Tomura's Quirk developed is seen.
    • The incident in which Tomura killed his family is shown.

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