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Interview with a Vampire (インタビュー・ウィズ・ヴァンパイア Intabyū Wizu Vanpaia?) is the two hundred and twenty-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Curious demands an interview.

In the tower, Re-Destro explains how Deika City is a great town to set up forces in due to its reclusive location in the mountains with few routes in or out. A bound Giran interjects that Re-Destro has made two mistakes: he won't be treated like a damsel in distress and that the tranquility of the city will be destroyed if the League of Villains releases Nomu.

Re-Destro rebuts Giran's claim about the Nomu with three reasons of his own. First, they have not been used since the Kamino Incident. Second, even though a high-powered Nomu appeared in Kyushu it made only weaker white Nomu. Third, Dabi said he had to retrieve the high-powered Nomu. This leads Re-Destro to conclude that the League has limited use of Nomu and this is a consequence of All For One's incarceration.

Down below, the League splits apart while combating the Meta Liberation Army warriors. Spinner notes the warriors' skills. Curious comments that the warriors have been training their minds and bodies for the Army's cause. She continues that it's irritating that the League, with no great cause or ideology, has garnered such attention.

Chitose's attention turns to Himiko Toga and asks if Himiko is interested in being interviewed. Chitose admits she's intrigued by Himiko's story--"a girl gone mad". Himiko launches an attack on Chitose but is countered by warriors defending Chitose.

A lunatic's smile.

Himiko crashes into a bar and Chitose warns her to watch her step. A small explosion occurs resulting from Chitose's Landmine Quirk. Himiko manages to gather and suck the blood of a few members but the blood explodes. Chitose states that she came prepared to avoid Himiko's tricks and to get answers.

Chitose reveals that Himiko is the first daughter of the Toga family, born August 7; once described as cheerful and well-mannered but disappeared after her middle school graduation and is currently 17. Chitose questions why Himiko left her normal life while stating Himiko's story will benefit the Army. Himiko, bloody from battle, says she likes Chitose because she too is trying to make the world a wonderful place.

Finally, answering Chitose's question about normal life, Himiko replies that for her it is normal.

Chapter Notes


  • This chapter's name is a reference to the gothic American horror novel and movie of a similar name.

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