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Ensemble, Assemble! (ユニット結成! Yunitto Kessei!?) is the twenty-first chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Meeting The Feathers duo.

Makoto Tsukauchi tells Kazuho Haneyama and Koichi Haimawari how one of the higher-ups from the Marukane Department Store wants to gather an ensemble for the show. The higher-up wants the ensemble to be made up of local young talent to perform the store's theme song. Kazuho accepts.

The Feathers duo: Miu and Yu, are introduced to be part of the ensemble. So is the East Naruhata High Dance Squad, who remark that with their movement, they express themselves and don't need costumes to do so. The Mad Hatters also join the group. The leader of the ENH Dance Squad and the leader of the Mad Hatters immediately catch feelings for each other. Makoto decides to put the issue of the singer's positions on stage on hold.

Training montage.

She instructs the Feathers to work on basic steps and stage maneuvers with the ENH Dance Squad. She explains that after one week they will meet up to continue working on positioning. Makoto reveals to the ensemble that the 11 of them will be headlining the event before she leaves to discuss the lineup with some executives from the department store.

While the Feathers work in intense training sessions with the ENH Dance Squads, Kazuho practices singing the song at Koichi's home. In the meantime, Captain Celebrity spreads flyers about the show around town after defeating a giant gorilla villain.

Miu sprained her ankle during her workout, so Makoto and the others try to figure out where to position her so she doesn't have to move too much. Makoto proposes putting Kazuho in the middle with the Feathers on either side of her, or cutting out Miu completely and having Kazuho and Yu perform as a duo. Miu gets sad that after all of her hard work, she won't be able to perform. Kazuho suggests putting Miu in the middle, having Yu move back and forth to either side of her, and jumping around herself behind them both.

Teruo in a larger eel form.

The leader of the Mad Hatters notices that the leader of the ENH Dance Squad got a haircut, and decides he will say something about it to her after the show. Immediately after he decides on his plan, Koichi makes a remark about her hair. The remark embarrasses the Dance Squad leader and angers the Mad Hatters leader.

In a dark building in the city, Kuin Hachisuka remarks that she should unleash a surprise villain on the show. In the warehouse is Teruo Unagisawa in a larger eel form than the first time he used it in his encounter with Kazuho. He mutters "Pop", and Kuin tells him that they'll be there to cheer on Pop.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Training (特訓 Tokkun?) but was changed in the volume release.
  • The giant gorilla villain that Captain Celebrity defeated is based on King Kong.

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