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That Which Is Inherited, Part 2 ( (ぞく) () () ぐモノ Zoku Uketsugu Mono?) is the two hundred and twelfth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Ochaco recalls her memories from when she was younger, noting that her parents always seemed tired due to their poor wages from their company. She expresses how seeing them exhausted hit her emotionally. However, upon seeing her first hero in action, Ochaco noticed the crowd react with excitement and happiness. Ochaco then reveals that seeing people's happy expressions motivated her to become a true hero in the future, no matter how much trouble they're in. She also calls back to the climactic battle between Izuku Midoriya and Overhaul, wondering whenever a hero is in pain, who will come to protect them in times of danger.

A new super-funky One For All user emerges from the past.

Back in the present, Ochaco struggles to keep Izuku from getting absorbed by the black tendrils emerging from his right arm. She tells her friend to calm down, but Izuku replies that he can't due to the overwhelming pressure his Quirk is giving him as of now. Ochaco realizes that this power isn't Izuku's doing, so she turns around and finds Hitoshi watching in bewilderment. Uravity calls out to Hitoshi for help, telling him to use his Brainwashing Quirk to stop Izuku's rampage. Hitoshi tries to think of something to ask Izuku, leading to him remembering his previous fight with Izuku during the U.A. Sports Festival. He describes how Izuku was "born" with an ideal Quirk, whereas he wasn't as blessed compared most U.A. students. However, he reveals after his loss that he was always excited to fight his rival once again and use his abilities for others' sake. Hitoshi proceeds to take off Artificial Vocal Cords, telling Izuku "let's fight!", to which Izuku accepts. With that, Izuku gets brainwashed and his Quirk successfully deactivates in the process.

Izuku, while not conscious in the present, finds himself in an unknown area he has already seen once.[1] He hears a loud voice calling him, revealed to be one of the former users of One for All: a bald man wearing goggles and a black jacket with a silver belt. The user tells Izuku that although his Quirk has finally manifested, he's using it in a wrong way. Izuku is also told that he needs to stop activating his power with such as idle thoughts. The man then encourages his successor to try harder to control the Quirk.

Chapter Notes

  • Ochaco helps Izuku come to his senses and calls out for Hitoshi's help.
  • Hitoshi uses his Brainwash to stop Izuku's Quirk from going out of control.
  • A previous user of One For All tells Izuku the new power cannot be used carelessly.

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