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Flexible! Juzo Honenuki! ( (じゅう) (なん) (ほね) (ぬき) (じゅう) (ぞう) Jūnan! Honenuki Jūzō!?) is the two hundred and third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Endeavor tries to reach out to Shoto over a messaging app, but Shoto leaves him on "read". Endeavor, thinking back on how he treated Shoto when he was younger, regrets that he had ignored his son's own will. As his sidekicks look on in confusion, Endeavor yells Shoto's name while engulfed in flames.

Back at the Joint Training Battle, Shoto and the rest of his team run towards their opponents, who are still unsure of what move the 1-A team will make. As Pony, Juzo and Tetsutetsu continue their disagreement about what to expect from the 1-A team, Shoto blasts them with an ice attack. After Shoto's attack, Tenya uses Recipro Burst to run towards Tetsutetsu after waiting for the ice to slow down his movements. However, Juzo is able to free his team from Shoto's ice using his Softening Quirk.

Mashirao attempts to retreat after Juzo single-handedly defends against Shoto's attack, but loses his footing on a piece of pipe that Juzo had previously softened. Sen rushes Mashirao, using his arms to drill against him. Tenya tries to escape as well but finds himself trying to run on top of pipes that Juzo has softened. Even still, Tenya is able to cover ground, and so Juzo decides to simply make Tenya sink into the ground and re-harden it around him.

Elsewhere, Pony uses her Horn Cannon to attack Mezo and Shoto. Pony uses two of her flying horns to push Mezo away and uses her other two horns to propel Tetsutetsu through an ice wall Todoroki had made for defense. With Shoto ambushed by Tetsutetsu, Mezo pinned by Pony's horns, Mashirao occupied with fighting off Sen, and Tenya imprisoned in the ground by Juzo, the Class 1-A team is quickly overrun by their Class 1-B opponents.

Juzo, having let his guard down after trapping Tenya, asks him why he would use Recipro Burst so early, considering its cooldown time. Tenya replies by reminding Juzo of how much time has passed since Class 1-A and 1-B last saw each other fight, and with inspiration from how Ingenium is always rushing to help, readies a new style: Recipro Turbo.

Chapter Notes

  • Endeavor tries to contact Shoto but his messages are ignored.
  • Pony and Sen's Quirks are respectively revealed.
  • Tenya reveals a new technique: Recipro Turbo.

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