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Foresight ( (さき) () () えて Saki o Misuete?) is the two hundred and first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Momo creates a cannon in between Itsuka's attacks, much to Itsuka's surprise. Momo aims the cannon at the wall that Manga had previously created with his Quirk, and fires an object over it. Itsuka lands a powerful hit with her Big Fist, making it expand just as it hits Momo.

Elsewhere, Fumikage chases after Shihai, who has managed to capture Yuga. Manga produces the Katakana "ピョン" ("boing") and "ギリ" ("grind"), which bounce into Fumikage while he's distracted by mushrooms growing on him. Fumikage comes across Toru who is entirely covered by mushrooms. Fumikage realizes that the Class 1-B team is extremely strong, and that in order to stand a chance at winning, he and the other members of the Class 1-A team must locate their opponents.

Flying with Toru!

Fumikage then notices the object that Momo shot over the wall, and flies towards it using Black Fallen Angel whilst holding onto Toru. Dark Shadow grabs the object, which has "Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag" written on it. On the ground, Shihai returns to tell Kinoko that he has successfully put Yuga in jail. Kinoko compliments him on his success, and suggests that they take the initiative to attack the 1-A team together, since that they have kept their locations hidden thus far. Shihai questions Kinoko's conclusion, as he notices Fumikage heading straight for them.

With the help of some infrared goggles that were in Momo's bag, Fumikage locates the 1-B students. Toru is able to remove the mushrooms growing from her using a fungicidal spray that was also in the bag, and is able to ambush Manga by remaining invisible. Fumikage attacks the 1-B students with Black Abyss: Sabbath, disorientating Kinoko and Shihai. Shihai looks for somewhere dark to hide, but Fumikage captures him within his cloak. Toru fights Manga, being able to land multiple hits without issue due to her invisibility.

Toru captured by Itsuka.

Suddenly, Fumikage begins to cough due to a fungus that Kinoko has caused to grow within his windpipe. In the viewing area, Neito comments that Fumikage should have knocked Kinoko unconscious, because while she is not a strong fighter, her Quirk is still to be feared. Itsuka grabs Toru in one of her fists, whilst holding Momo and her cannon in the other. Itsuka remarks to herself that while she emerged victorious in her fight, Momo was still able to execute a highly thought through plan, and thus she does not actually feel that she won. With all of the members of Class 1-A now subdued, they are taken to their prison, granting Class 1-B their first victory in the Joint Training Battle.

Chapter Notes

  • Class 1-B is victorious in the second round, winning 4-0.

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