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Clever Commander! ( () (しょう) !! Chishō!!?) is the two hundredth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Kinoko's Quirk causes mushrooms to entirely cover the playing field as well as grow on Momo and Toru. She helps her mushrooms grow by using spray bottles to humidify the area. With the mushrooms covering everything, Yuga loses sight of Shihai, who uses his Quirk to vanish into a black mushroom. Minoru calls Kinoko's Quirk as something out of a horror movie, but Yosetsu explains that the mushrooms will disappear within a few hours.

Itsuka had devised her 1-B team's plan to take advantage of Shihai's Quirk against Fumikage's Dark Shadow. When Shihai expressed his concern that he may fail to capture Fumikage, she correctly predicted that she and the other two members of her team would know this because they will use Yuga's Navel Laser to counterattack. With Kinoko's part of the plan now in action, Momo yells out to her 1-A team to keep calm and regroup. A large, wall-like string of Katakana suddenly appears, cutting Momo off from the rest of her team. Yuga tries to blast the Katakana, produced by Manga's Quirk, with his laser, but he cannot damage it.

Manga utters the word "ジメジメ" ("humidity"), creating a humidifier that boosts the growth of Kinoko's mushrooms even further. Hanta and Rikido watch on, commenting on the two long range attackers as well as the usability of Manga's Quirk in non-Japanese speaking nations. With Momo separated from her team, Itsuka is able to launch a solo attack with her Big Fist. Momo is able to respond in time and create a tungsten shield, but Itsuka crumples it easily, pushing Momo back.

Itsuka attacks Momo!

As Itsuka breaks through another shield, Tetsutetsu excitedly commends Itsuka's ability to create an advantageous situation for herself. Shoto instead suggests that if Itsuka tried to separate Momo from her team out of caution, then she has misjudged her. Momo, remembering how Itsuka had previously complimented her for her grades and abilities and lamented how they would be grouped as a pair due to their seemingly unequal standing, finds new resolve to win the fight.

Chapter Notes

  • Manga's Quirk is revealed.
  • Momo is separated from her team and ambushed by Itsuka.

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