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The World of Pros (プロの () (かい) Puro no Sekai?) is the twentieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


At the Mountain Zone of the U.S.J., Denki is taken hostage by a villain unaffected by his electric discharge, forcing Momo and Kyoka to surrender.

At the Central Plaza, All Might has defeated Nomu. All Might asks Tomura why he is not going to fight as it is his mission to kill him. Tomura starts panicking as without Nomu they have no chance against All Might. Kurogiri tells Tomura to calm down as Nomu has dealt significant amounts of damage to All Might, saying they still have a chance to complete their mission. Tomura regains his composure and decides to finish what Nomu started. Kurogiri and Tomura charge at All Might (who is unable to move due to Nomu causing him too much damage). Izuku uses One For All on his legs and jumps towards Tomura and Kurogiri in order to intercept them. As Izuku prepares to clash with Tomura and Kurogiri, Tomura is hit by a gunshot, causing him and Kurogiri to stop their attack on All Might.

At the Mountain Zone, the villain holding Denki hostage is shot down, freeing Denki. It is revealed that the gunshots came from one of the U.A. Pro Heroes that have arrived to help along with Tenya who called them to help. Now that the U.A. Pro Heroes have arrived, Tomura declares that it is officially game over for them. Surprisingly, the heavily damaged Thirteen shows up, using her Black Hole Quirk on Kurogiri and Tomura. Before being sucked away by Thirteen, Tomura says that although they failed this time, they will definitely kill All Might next time. Both Kurogiri and Tomura are sucked into oblivion. The defeat of Kurogiri, Nomu, and Tomura ends the League of Villains' attack with U.A. as the victors.

Izuku laments that he was unable to do anything, but All Might cheers him up, saying that if it wasn't for Izuku, he would have been dead.

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