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Quaotic Quirkstravaganza ( () (せい) ”ドンパチ (だい) (おう) (しゅう) “Kosei” Donpachi Dai-ōshū?) is the one hundred and ninety-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Class 1-B watches a large screen showing the match as Hitoshi, Tsuyu and Denki approach their classmates, disguised as Tsuyu against Jurota's sense of smell. Minoru and Izuku, recalling Tsuyu describe her Quirk during the U.S.J. Incident, realize that Tsuyu had used her mucus on Hitoshi and Denki to mask their unique scents.

Tsuyu, Denki and Hitoshi discuss their plan as they rush towards their opponents. Hitoshi notes that they only know where Jurota is on account of Denki's pointer support item, but Denki suggests that they do their best to take down Jurota as he poses a large threat. Ibara sends out a dense vine growth in the Class 1-A team's direction, while asking Jurota for their current bearing. After wondering how their opponents located them, Hiryu notices Denki's pointer stuck on Jurota.

Ibara captures Denki, and pulls him towards her teammates with her vines. She encloses Denki in a sphere made out of multiple layers of her vines, insulating her team from his electrical discharges. Denki attempts to use his pointer's ability to guide his discharge into a straight line through a small gap in Ibara's vine sphere, but Hiryu uses his scales to knock the pointer off of Jurota just before Denki's attack hits. Ibara then completely encloses him within the vine sphere.

Having successfully defended against Denki, Hiryu seemingly shouts to Ibara to send out some more vines in anticipation of their remaining two opponents. Ibara responds to this and suddenly becomes brainwashed, with Hitoshi having imitated Hiryu's voice. Hitoshi recalls their plan, which involves Denki purposefully getting captured by Ibara in order to expend her ability to produce vines, leaving a window of opportunity for Tsuyu and Hitoshi. Hiryu asks Jurota for their opponent's locations, but Jurota only points vaguely in their direction, avoiding responding in words in case it was Hitoshi attempting to brainwash him again. Hiryu tries to wake Ibara out of her brainwash by shooting her with his scales, but Tsuyu picks her up with her tongue and moves her out of range before Hiryu gets a chance.

Hitoshi hunted down!

Hiryu asks Jurota for Tsuyu's location, identifying her as the greatest threat. Before he gets an answer from the paranoid Jurota, Tsuyu sends him flying with a powerful kick. Jurota deduces Hitoshi's location by the movement of the two similar scents he can sense, and claws his way through a narrow tunnel of pipes to reach him. Hitoshi defends himself by using Eraser Head Style: Binding Cloth Manipulation to bring down a metal pipe onto Jurota's head, but Jurota endures the impact and prepares to attack Hitoshi. Tsuyu is able to save Hitoshi by throwing Hiryu straight toward Jurota, Hiryu yells at Jutora to get away, but he thinks Hitoshi is trying to trick him again with his voice changer. Realizing too late that it really was his teammate calling to him, the heads of both Jurota and Hiryu collide, knocking them unconscious.

Hitoshi, Denki, Tsuyu and Ibara who is still brainwashed, carry Hiryu and Jurota towards their jail. Minoru and Izuku comment positively on Hitoshi's ability and Tsuyu and Denki's quick thinking to make the best use of Hitoshi's Quirk despite his inexperience. As the remaining members of the 1-B team are put in the jail, Hitoshi responds to Tsuyu's praise by saying he must become a pro with his own powers.

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