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Clash! Class A vs. Class B! ( (げき) (とつ) (エー) (ぐみ) VS (バーサス) (ビー) (ぐみ) Gekitotsu! Ē-gumi Bāsasu Bī-gumi?) is the one hundred and ninety-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Izuku and Mashirao react to seeing Hitoshi, commenting on his prototype costume. Izuku remarks to himself that Hitoshi's brainwashing was what had let Izuku see the vestiges of One For All's former holders, however he brushes it off as a coincidence.

Shota tells Hitoshi to greet everyone, and Hitoshi tells Class 1-A and 1-B that since he is already so behind, he needs to work as hard as he can to make up for lost time. He declares that he will be a great hero so he can use his Quirk to help others, and finishes by saying that he "isn't here to make friends".

Everyone applauds Hitoshi, and Hanta remarks that it's like looking at Shoto from earlier on in the school year. Sekijiro explains the exercise: each class will split into groups of four and battle it out—Class 1-A vs. Class 1-B—with Hitoshi joining Group 1-A and 1-B in their fights. One team will have to incapacitate four members of the other team within 20 minutes to win.

With 20 minutes on the clock, the battle between Groups 1-A and 1-B begin. Midnight asks All Might who he thinks will win, and All Might reveals that although 1-A has been getting more tangible, real-world experience, 1-B has actually improved more, due to them staying out of trouble and steadily improving their skills.

Joint training matchups.

Tsuyu, Eijiro, Denki, Koji of 1-A along with Hitoshi go up against Kosei, Ibara, Jurota and Hiryu of 1-B. Tsuyu activates her camouflage, but Ibara spreads her vines out, probing the area, until Jurota suddenly rushes in with his Quirk activated, attacking Eijiro and Tsuyu. Kosei is close behind, trapping Koji in a soundproof box with his Quirk.

Things look bad for Group 1-A, until Jurota hears "Tsuburaba" shout out an encouragement, and Jurota responds to him. However, it turns out that it was Hitoshi using his new support gear to imitate Kosei with his new special move: "Persona_Chords".

Chapter Notes

  • Class 1-A and 1-B are divided into five teams of four people per class.
  • Hitoshi uses a new device to help him in using his quirk. It changes his voice, to trick people into responding to him.
    • He is also using a version of Shota's capture weapon.

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