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His Start ( (はじ) まりの Hajimarino?) is the one hundred and ninetieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Endeavor catches up to High-End, noticing that the "intelligent" Nomu is now starting to act increasingly feral. Endeavor reaches his hand into High-End's mouth and begins to burn him from inside, however High-End is still able to regenerate all of the damage Endeavor is causing.

Endeavor calls on Hawks to help him again, though many of Hawks' feathers are currently being utilized elsewhere and are at risk of being incinerated in the fight. Endeavor remarks to Hawks about the Nomu's animalistic tendency, and even though Hawks lacks the feathers he had before, Endeavor asks him to use what he has left to push him and High-End into the sky. Meanwhile, in Heights Alliance, Shoto Todoroki watches the TV coverage of his dad's fight, while his sister and brother watch from their car.

Hawks uses his remaining feathers to push Endeavor and High-End into the sky. No longer limited by his surroundings, Endeavor uses his special move, "PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn", and propels himself and High-End back towards the ground. As Shoto along with the rest of Class 1-A watch the TV with suspense, a pro hero attempts to catch Endeavor on his way down, but cannot make it in time, and Endeavor slams into the ground. Victorious, Endeavor emerges from the dust standing with one arm held high, with High-End on ground next to him, thoroughly incinerated.

The crowd watching at the scene cheer at Endeavor's victory. Toshinori Yagi, who was watching from the teacher's lounge, stares at the TV in disbelief. Shoto, surrounded by his classmates and homeroom teacher, squats down in relief. Hawks helps Endeavor limp away from the scene, and the two reflect on the battle. Hawks notes that Endeavor used the same pose as All Might upon his victory, to which Endeavor replies that he used the other arm. Hawks thanks Endeavor for winning, though Endeavor regards his performance as lackluster. Nevertheless, Hawks says that this battle is the start of something huge for Endeavor.

As the two talk, they are interrupted by Dabi, who states that much of the battle between Endeavor and High-End went above his expectations. He then greets Endeavor by his real name, as the two heroes look on in confusion.

Chapter Notes

  • Endeavor defeats High-End.
  • Dabi confronts Endeavor and Hawks.

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