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Endeavor and Hawks (エンデヴァー& (アンド) ホークス Endevā Ando Hōkusu?) is the one hundred and eighty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia


A 31 year old man named Teruo Hazukashi, stands before a company he worked for for three years but secretly despised with plans to destroy it after reading a reprinting of Destro's autobiography he secretly despised but didn't have the courage to show until reading a reprinting of Destro's autobiography. Teruo screams "Banzai" as he prepares to strip nude to activate his Quirk Shame, which allows him to become stronger the more embarrassed he becomes.

Suddenly, Teruo is struck down by Hawks' feathers. As that was happening, Hawks asks Endeavor if he has a favorite food and that he knows a restaurant that serves delicious mizutaki, clearly wanting to eat somewhere so the two of them can discuss business. He continues to talk about food they can eat as he saves a dog that was about to get run over by a truck and help and old woman carry her baggage up the stairs. Soon, the public takes note of Hawks' rare appearance and some of them take photos with him and getting his autograph while Endeavor nonchalantly stands by. The people take notice of Endeavor but are reluctant to make contact with him; one kid bets his friend to ask for Endeavor's autograph since he is a huge fan of him. Endeavor notices this and approaches the kid with his hand extended offering his autograph. The kid, however, is taken aback by Endeavor's new attitude, stating that him being a gruff and angry Hero suits him better and runs off, which leaves Endeavor confused since he thought he approached him naturally like Inasa Yoarashi.

At the Umai Building, Endeavor and Hawks sit at a table and discuss the public's opinion of him; Hawks believes that the kid was right about Endeavor's attitude since it is his personality and asks for a helping of Endeavor's meal if he isn't having it, to which Endeavor comments on Hawks' greed and gluttony. Hawks admits that its in his nature for him wanting to get something he want, even adding that after U.A's Sports Festival he sent an offer to Shoto since having the son of the No. 2 Hero working under him would make him look good. However, Hawks admits he is happy that Tsukuyomi was the one who ended up coming since Shoto failed the Provisional Hero License Exam and having that would have ruined his image, much to Endeavor's anger who finds it strange that Hawks has knowledge of that despite not being a U.A. graduate. Having had enough of the useless talk, Endeavor wants to know about the rumors Hawks has been hearing.

Hawks knows that the League of Villains puppets, the modified humans called Nomus, were stored in a facility in Kamino Ward but after they were captured along with All For One they have rarely appeared, either because that was all of them or there are more and All For One is privy to their location. Endeavor says to Hawks that if he wanted to team up with him, he must have some proof to back up these rumors. However, Hawks isn't able to confirm that the rumors are true, which infuriates Endeavor who tries to leave. Hawks stops him and says that the rumors aren't just in his area but the entire country as he has heard it from wives gossiping or school children chatting on the way home. Endeavor asks him what he means and Hawks reveals he secretly launched an investigation with the Police Force when he first heard of the rumors on a business trip but they came up dry. Afterwards he did some investigating by himself by flying throughout the country, and said that while they weren't the same, similar rumors were sprouting up in different regions, but in the end they were all considered baseless rumors. Although never managing to find proof, Hawks, after hearing that everyone knows about Nomus, believes that someone is going around spreading these rumors to propagate the public, citing that the villain they encountered on the way who was influenced by a reprinting of Destro's autobiography is a similar concept. Hawks ultimately believes that the more fear that is stirred up the more the book sells, but Endeavor grows tired of this conversation going nowhere and demands to know the point Hawks is trying to make. Hawks desires for Endeavor to become a leader everyone can rely on and lay these rumors to rest and tell the populace to take it easy. Hawks explains he wants to live in an ideal world where all Heroes can take leisure in their work without ever stressing out, wanting Heroes to have more free time.

Suddenly, Hawks and Endeavor notice that something is flying to them: it is a High-End Nomu. The waitress comes in as Hawks protects her and Endeavor tells the Number Two Hero to evacuate the building. High End smashes in and asks which of them is the strongest. Endeavor sees that the rumors were true and is glad that this was well timed since he was prepared for a battle. High-End prepares to attack but Endeavor takes the initiative first by attacking with Flashfire Fist - Jet Burn, which blasts High-End out of the building. Endeavor takes flight by propelling himself in the air with his fire and tells the Nomu to come at him so he can show him what it means to be the No. 1 Hero.

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