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Let It Flow! School Festival! ( () (なが) せ! (ぶん) () (さい) ! Tare Nagase! Bunkasai!?) is the one hundred and eighty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Yuga Aoyama is waiting for Izuku to return. Suddenly, Izuku and the Ectoplasm clone return. Yuga inquires about Izuku's injuries, to which the latter excuses as having fell. The Ectoplasm clone suggests to Izuku that he cleans up his face before going on stage as his dirty face will worry the audience but he will still make it in time.

In the audience at Class 1-A's live dance performance, Shota tells Present Mic to go back patrolling before commenting on some of U.A's upperclassmen being critical on Class 1-A. Katsuki yells out for the performance to begin and begins playing the drums to which Momo, Denki, Fumikage and Kyoka begin playing their instruments following suite. Class 1-A manage to put up a flashy introduction and manage to pump the audience with their signing and dancing. During the finale, Class 1-A begin it by launching some of them into the air and, using a combination of their Quirks, create a dazzling end to their performance and using Ochaco's Quirk they manage to get some of the audience to join in on the fun.

As the rest of the audience cheer on, Kyoka thinks back to telling her parents her plans on becoming a Hero. Kyoka's mother and father support her decision saying that she can do whatever she wants and they ended up being musicians because they enjoy music. Kyoka's mother advises Kyoka that if she plans on a long term job, then she must think about what her work can bring to others and believes musicians and Heroes are similar in that regard.

Katsuki ends the performance with a last beat on the drums and the audience booms into cheer including the critical upperclassmen. Mirio is happy to see Eri finally being able to smile, at last being able to let go of her tormented past.

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  • This chapter had unfinished art due to the tight schedule caused by Golden Week. The sketched out panels were fixed and completed in Volume 20.

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