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Vs. ( (ブイ) (エス) Bui Esu?) is the fifteenth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


At U.A. in the nurse's office, All Might tries to contact Thirteen and Shota but is unable to. All Might decides to go to the U.S.J. in a few minutes. However, Principal Nezu arrives and tells All Might to relax. The Principal then starts to talk about educational theories with All Might noting that he hasn't changed one bit.

Meanwhile, at the U.S.J., Thirteen notes that they cannot make contact with the outside world at all. Thirteen orders the class president Tenya to dash to U.A. to tell the teachers there what is transpiring and get them to come and help. Tenya is skeptical, thinking that running back to U.A. while leaving behind his classmates would be cowardly and disgraceful. After some encouragement from his classmates and Thirteen telling him to use his Quirk to save others, Tenya decides to dash back to U.A. Kurogiri overhears their plans and goes to stop Tenya, but Thirteen stands in Kurogiri's way. Kurogiri and Thirteen prepare to battle each other.

At the Flood Zone in the U.S.J., a shocked Minoru criticizes Izuku's plan to fight and win, but Izuku ignores him and begins strategizing. Izuku concludes that the League of Villains doesn't have information on their Quirks and while the League of Villains beats them in terms of experience and numbers, they have the element of surprise on their side. Tsuyu and Minoru reveal the powers of their Quirks and Izuku uses this knowledge to plan a strategy. After one of the villains strikes the ship, the ship begins breaking apart. Izuku jumps off the ship and puts his strategy to work, using Delaware Smash on the surface of the water, causing the water to spread out. Tsuyu then grabs Izuku with her tongue and Minoru throws his sticky substance into the spread out water. The spread out water converges in the center along with Minoru's sticky substance (with the villains being pulled in), causing all the villains in the water to be stuck together by Minoru's Quirk. With the villains stuck together, unable to do anything and thus defeated, the three students make their escape, with Tsuyu saying that they were impressive.

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