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Encounter with the Unknown ( () () との (そう) (ぐう) Michi to no Sōgū?) is the fourteenth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The chapter begins where it left off previously, with villains suddenly showing up at Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Shota tells his students the situation is very real. He takes charge by ordering Thirteen to evacuate Class 1-A and try calling U.A., Izuku doubts his ability to fight all the villains alone. Aizawa reassures the young man he has some tricks up his sleeve before he leaps into battle.

Shota goes to fight the villains and defeats many of them quite easily due to his specialty in one-on-group battles. The villains soon recognize him as Eraser Head and remember his Quirk.

Izuku is amazed to see his teacher hold his own against the villains. Tenya then gets his attention by telling him to evacuate with his class.

Meanwhile, Thirteen and Class 1-A attempt to evacuate, but the villain called Kurogiri stops them, telling the students and Thirteen that they are the League of Villains and that their goal is to kill All Might. Katsuki and Eijiro attack Kurogiri but fail to do any damage. Kurogiri uses his Quirk to teleport most of the Class 1-A students to different areas of U.S.J.

Izuku is teleported to the Flood Zone area of U.S.J. where one of the villains immediately tries to devour him. However, Tsuyu attacks the villain and uses her tongue to grab Izuku and throw him onto a ship. She also throws Minoru onto the ship as well and then climbs onto the ship herself. After thanking Tsuyu for saving him, Izuku wonders why the villains want to kill All Might. Seeing as how thinking will not help, Izuku declares to Tsuyu and Minoru that their only choice now is to fight and win, much to Minoru's shock. Thus, the battle between Class 1-A and the Villain Alliance begins.

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