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The Skycrawler Rising (ザ・スカイクロウラー:ライジング Za Sukaikurōrā: Raijingu?) is the one hundred and twenty-sixth and final chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


The Skycrawler saves a plane from crashing.

In New York, the engines of the “Skyfall Flight 400” lose power, causing the plane to fall and head towards the city. The passengers try to brace for impact, when one of the kids notices someone on the wing of the plane. Koichi Haimawari, "The Skycrawler", smiles to the kid, before losing his grip and falling off. He thinks about how hard of a year its been for him, and due to racking up massive debt and lawsuits, he can’t go back to Japan, so now he’s working as a Hero in America.

Regaining his footing, Koichi runs along the air catching up to the plane, while the passengers voice their skepticim over his usefulness. Grabbing onto the bottom, Koichi uses his Slide and Glide Quirk as repulsion blasters to blast the plane upward, allowing it to safely land in the Hudson River. As the rescue operation commences, Koichi struggles to swim when he’s saved by Captain Celebrity, who berates him for making a fool of himself, and tells him not to relax yet.

Koichi cluelessly responds to a question.

Earlier, Makoto informed Koichi how he has become the subject of debate whether he is a “hero” or “villain” due to his vigilantism, and while he’s on the losing end in Japan, thanks to vigilantism having its roots in America, he just needs to rack up some good will in the public opinion.

She tells him the interview with the Hero right after an incident is important and can sway the public in a big way. Koichi is worried since he can barely speak or understand English, but Makoto says she will plant one of their people as a member of the press and he will simply have to say “I’ll fight on with all my might!” and he’ll be safe.

Back to normal.

At the interview a news broadcaster asks him about his work he did in Naruhata and if he will carry that energy over in America, when a drunk suddenly storms in, calling him the "Destructor of Naruhata", asking if he'll do the same thing here and smash Wall Street. Koichi is confused by the interruption, cluelessly responding with Makoto’s phrase, causing everyone to face palm, and Koichi’s public opinion decreasing.

Back in Japan the news discusses Koichi’s hero work in America, and his statement creating a new scandal, while many of his friends and acquaintances react over Koichi's actions in the incident, or continue to go about their daily routines. More reporters continue to ask him questions, with Koichi unable to properly understand, trying to leave. At this moment, a nearby souvenir vendor calls Koichi over.

Kazuho is happy for Koichi and his new life.

Kazuho receives a text from Koichi, showing off the All Might hoodie he received from the locals, as she and Miu joke about how he shouldn’t be excited over something like that as a Pro Hero. Koichi meanwhile, wonders how Naruhata is doing, worrying about all the nasty goings on that occur under everyone’s noses. Despite this, he notes that even before they had a hero system, conflicts were always a part of human society, and the locals always had a tendency to deal with their own problems.

Back in Naruhata, a group of thugs harass a young kid, who tries to get them to back off by saying The Crawler lives in the city. They rebuff him, reminding him he’s "playing hero" in America, and suggesting he wouldn't even care. In the shadows, a voice calls out that while he may be gone, and Heroes may be busy, people like him aren’t gonna let “two bit villains” think they run things because of it. Knuckleduster emerges at the end of the alley, facing the thugs down, declaring that he is here.

Chapter Notes

  • Koichi as The Skycrawler saves a falling plane from crashing into New York.
    • He accidentally says the wrong thing during an interview directly after, causing a scandal and worsening his public opinion, due to the controversy of his vigilantism in Japan.
  • Friends and acquaintances of the Naruhata Vigilantes are seen going about their daily routines.
  • Kazuho has been released from the hospital and resumed her daily life, keeping in contact with Koichi.
  • Knuckleduster returns to his role as the Naruhata Vigilante.
  • My Hero Academia: Vigilantes concludes.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The design of the three thugs at the end of the chapter are based on K', Kyo Kusanagi, and Iori Yagami from the King of Fighters series.
    • They also bare resemblance to Soga, Moyuru, and Rapt, paralleling the first chapter.

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