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Toward the Future (未来へ Mirai e?) is the one hundred and twenty-fifth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Soga advises Kazuho to take care of herself.

In April, Soga visits Kazuho to check in on how her rehab is doing, which she responds that she can walk on her own again, though doesn't believe she'll be able to Leap around like she used to. Soga tells her to take it easy, and since the police are arriving to get her statement tomorrow, to not push herself, and be honest about her missing chunks of memory.

Despite that, Kazuho still wants to take responsibility for all the trouble she caused, but Soga reminds her she's still a victim of the Queen Bee, and that Koichi, who just laughed off the destruction he inadvertently caused, should be the first one to feel guilty.

Soga leaves just as Miu arrives to visit, which she is confused to see. She tells Kazuho about what the Narufest crew have been up to; the Mad Hatters Leader and Dance Squad President adjusting to their jobs, the Sisters training new students, and Yu getting a boyfriend at her college. Miu also states how she's got a part-time job at Hopper's Cafe, lamenting on not being able to find a boyfriend for herself there.

Kazuho is happy for Koichi.

She proceeds to mention how they are mostly done with repairs near the station area, and that they have restarted the development plans in the old quarter. Kazuho says Makoto told her that they are going to build new facilities with the Captain Celebrity Corporation shelling out a lot of resources for it. Miu then mentions how they've started tearing down Koichi's Penthouse, causing Kazuho to reflect on how everything's changing so fast, and she's still standing still.

Miu immediately butts in how she's in the same situation, having failed her entrance exam and unable to find a boyfriend. She then brings up how the Hopper's Café crew are planning to open up a second joint, but don't want to have another cat café, so she has been brainstorming ideas, including a meet-a-greet, telling Kazuho she's part of her plans. Kazuho says she'd love to do that stuff again, though Miu notices she doesn't look too eager, realizing she's thinking about waiting for Koichi. She asks her how he's doing, and Kazuho responds how he never changes, and is just "normal".

All For One is going to apply all the experience learned into his next plan.

Meanwhile, All For One reflects to Kyudai Garaki and Kurogiri on having looked into the history of Koichi, and was unable to find anything remarkable at all about his upbringing, realizing his powerful Quirk and abnormal battle prowess were in fact capitalized upon by an utterly average civilian. The idea that circumstance, experience, and sheer force of will could turn a man into "superman", invalidates his methodology behind Operation Anonymous.

While he's willing to pay the cost to keep One For All at arm's length, he wonders how he'll be able to respond once civilians start taking heroic action. Extraordinary potential available to all may be a path of chaos, but also introduces uncertainty to his machinations.

The Skycrawler.

Despite this, All For One declares that they'll simply pour their efforts into their next plan. Should society reach the point where Heroes can appear from anywhere, he'll command an entity that can face any hero head-on through its own individual might. In a status tube, he looks upon their bio-engineered Nomu, saying that he was led to this culmination by Number 6 himself.

Elsewhere, at the Captain Celebrity Corporation H.Q. in New York City, an alert from the Mayor is dispatched for a request from the agency. Within the building, a suited up Koichi looks in the mirror at his scar, and responds as they call for "CCC-02: The Skycrawler", preparing to head out.

Chapter Notes

  • Kazuho continues her progress of rehabilitation as she's visited by Soga and then Miu.
  • Miu reveals how the rest of the Narufest crew has been going.
    • The Mad Hatters Leader and Dance Squad President have been adjusting to their jobs.
    • The Sisters have been taking on students to train.
    • Yu got a boyfriend at her college.
    • Miu herself has been working part-time at Hopper's Cafe, having failed her entrance exams.
    • Hopper's Cafe is planning to expand to a second branch, which Miu is trying to brainstorm about.
    • Development plans in the old Naruhata area have changed, with Makoto and the Captain Celebrity Corporation taking charge.
  • All For One discovers that Koichi is nothing special, perturbing him that such incredible potential can come from such an average civilian.
    • To counter this he decides to pour their efforts into their next plan, to create an entity that they can command to take down any hero through its own merits: the Nomu.
  • Koichi is revealed to have gone to America, officially becoming Captain Celebrity's Sidekick, dubbed "The Skycrawler".

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