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Forever (ずっとずっと Zuttozutto?) is the one hundred and twenty-fourth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Two weeks after the Naruhata Lockdown, Naomasa Tsukauchi visits Koichi in the hospital. He informs him that they’ve only just begun the investigation, and that the villain’s plan to isolate the neighborhood was a new type of tactic that exploited a blind spot in hero society. He further explains how he was treated as a villain on the run caught by Pro Heroes, before being dragged into the battle against the villains, and even though he was ordered to leave the scene, he stayed and endured the villain’s attacks.

Captain Celebrity makes his grand return.

As a result of his decision to fight, he and the Pro Heroes have to deal with punishment, being responsible for him, as well as the massive damage to the city that battle created. Koichi responds asking if this means he’s going to the slammer, with Naomasa replying the only positive was that there were no civilian casualities, considering that an “achievement”. Koichi asks worried about the “Scarred Man”, which Naomasa states they were only able to recover bits and pieces of him, and have been unable to identify him.

Just then, Captain Celebrity barges his way into the room, against Sansa's orders. He demands them stop interrogating his “sidekick”, causing Naomasa to exasperatedly ask Makoto to show herself, which she does. Makoto reveals to her brother that Koichi is employed by Captain Celebrity, to Koichi’s surprise. Captain Celebrity argues that they were “paying him” in food after all the snacks he’s eaten, that he was “on the clock” assisting him during the Sky Egg Bombing, and reminds him of all the locals who have seen the two out on patrol together.

Makoto escorts Kazuho to Koichi's room.

Naomasa begrudgingly calls Makoto’s “quibbling”, asking if it will benefit him, which she’s confident it will, declaring the Captain Celebrity Corporation will provide protection for Koichi and Kazuho. Hearing this, Koichi asks how Kazuho is doing, with Makoto saying that after waking up, she was left physically drained, but was finally able to get out of bed, bringing her into the room on a wheelchair. Koichi is happy to see her, while she silently reacts.

Naomasa tells Kazuho that, just like the other Instant Villains, she was a victim affected by drugs and mind-control as a result of the villain’s Quirk, and that they just want a full statement from her when she’s ready, as they’re not out to prosecute them, only show they are innocent of wrongdoing. Before Makoto is about to take Kazuho out of the room, she gives Koichi a bag containing the All Might hoodie he gave her when he rescued her all those years ago.

Koichi is excited to see it, but doesn’t recognize the hoodie, asking where she got it, with Kazuho saying she just had it at home. Koichi says even though he won’t be wearing them anymore, they’ll make a great keepsake, causing Kazuho to get nervous. Koichi tells Makoto he’s ready to retire and grow up now, feeling he’s learned his lesson, which Naomasa stresses.

Koichi and Kazuho reunited.

Makoto takes Kazuho back to her room, telling her once she’s all healed up they’ll find some place for her to relax, when Kazuho suddenly stands out of her wheelchair, rushing back over to Koichi. She thinks about how she barely said anything to him, and all the things she wants to say to him. She calls his name entering his room, only to see him embarrassingly trying on the All Might hoodie. Koichi awkwardly claims he couldn’t help himself looking at the hoodie, causing Kazuho to break down in tears and embrace him in his arms in relief. A tearful Makoto asks him if he really learned his lesson, which Koichi once again tries to claim, but using her Polygraph Quirk, she knows he’s lying.

Makoto quickly gets Captain Celebrity to hand her a contract, telling Koichi to sign it. After signing it, Captain Celebrity gleefully thinks about how he’s always going for the flow, with Koichi unsure of what he just signed up for.

Chapter Notes

  • Naomasa interrogates the hospitalized Koichi over the events of the "Naruhata Lockdown".
    • He reveals despite the damage to the city, there were no civilian casualties.
    • He also states that they were only able to recover bits and pieces of Number 6's exploded body, unable to identify him.
  • Captain Celebrity and Makoto suddenly appear, declaring Koichi as his "Sidekick".
    • They plan to use his and Kazuho's association to Captain Celebrity in order to help and grant them sanctuary.
  • Kazuho visits Koichi, giving him the All Might hoodie she had back.
  • Despite claiming he intends to retire crime-fighting, Koichi instinctively puts the hoodie on, with his lie caught by Makoto's Quirk.
    • Makoto gives Koichi a contract to sign, which he does.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Something to Say (言いたいこと Iitai koto?) but was amended for the volume release.

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