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One-Two Finish (ワンツー・フィニッシュ Wantsū Finisshu?) is the one hundred and twenty-second chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


In Might Tower, a waitress asks their boss if they should clean up the plate left behind by the guy who is always running off. They spot on the news that the power has come back on in Naruhata, as the broadcast reveals the giant villain that is currently wreaking havoc, and while they're unable to accurately state the total damages and casualties, the Heroes are responding as well as requesting more backup.

Endeavor ready to stop the rampage.

Team Idaten, Hopper's Cafe, and Narufest crews continue the evacuation with the civilians, Edgeshot protects some of them from Number 6's mini bombers, using his Substitution Jutsu technique, while Best Jeanist uses the threads on his costume to stop a building from toppling over, even though it results in him being mostly naked. On the side of a building, Koichi notes that based on the way the bombers are moving, they don't seem to have a mind of their own, just haphazardly zipping around. He looks around for the main body, while Eraser Head notices something going on down below, and jumps in to investigate.

In the sky, Burnin warns Endeavor that it's still a mess in the city so they can't do anything yet, but Endeavor states they can't sit back while the destruction continues and he'll take full responsibility for whatever happens, preparing to roast all the villains while minimizing the damage. Then suddenly, a flash appears in the sky, which everyone, including Naomasa, recognizes.

All Might defeats all of Number 6's bombers.

In the blink of an eye, All Might blasts his way down into Naruhata past Endeavor, declaring that he is here, blasting all the mini bombers into the air in an instant, so fast it appears as if there's multiple of him. With the mini bombers in the air safely, Endeavor laments how brazen he is and that he'll get no thanks from him, unleashing his Flashfire Fist: Prominence Burn attack, completely decimating the bombers as everyone looks on from below, and All Might speeds off satisfied.

Meanwhile in an alleyway, All For One confronts the skeletal remains of Number 6, noting that another crisis has been averted by All Might's meddling. However, he still commends Number 6's creativity, and how even he was able to outmaneuver All Might at the last minute. He states that now no one can stop him, and the world is his oyster, as flames start to grow from Number 6's body.

Chapter Notes

  • The Heroes in Naruhata continue the evacuation of the civilians, protecting them from Number 6's mini bombers.
  • Endeavor prepares to attack them despite the danger, but All Might quickly arrives, knocking them all into air in an instant, allowing Endeavor to safely burn them all away.
  • Number 6's main body manages to survive, slowly starting to regrow his body back.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Two Great Rivals (両雄 Ryōyū?) but was amended for the volume release.

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