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Reinforcements Arrive (援軍到着 Engun Tōchaku?) is the one hundred and twenty-first chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Eraser Head comes to Koichi's aid.

Best Jeanist addresses the concerned Naruhata citizens, reassuring them that aid is on the way. Edgeshot glides above the city, reporting on Number 6's movements, while Ingenium and Team Idaten, alongside the Hopper's Cafe crew, help evacuate the civilians. Koichi looks down below the streets, relived the Heroes have finally arrived and everything will be okay, when he's suddenly ensnared by Eraser Head's Capturing Weapon.

Eraser Head pulls Koichi toward him, bracing up some of his fractured limbs, and confronting him over proving him right that he'd end up breaking his bones if he kept meddling like this. He continues to tell the Vigilante that he knows Number 6 is after him, so they have to use him as bait for now, but he'll be there to back him up. When he mentions that nobody has a good Quirk to take him down currently, Koichi asks about his Erasure, which he responds that enemies that glow bright prevent proper visual confirmation, so it won't work. Elsewhere, Present Mic, Mister Blaser, and his Buster Union make their way over to the battlefield to assist Eraser Head.

All of Naruhata voice their support for "The Cruller".

Koichi and Eraser Head continue to give chase, constantly dodging and evading Number 6's attacks. As it escalates, the civilians of Naruhata watch on, all recognizing "The Cruller" fighting the giant villain, cheering him on to succeed and defeat it. Eraser Head comments on Koichi's "popularity", and how it's not only making the citizens evacuate slower, but also riling Number 6 up. At this same time, Number 6's inner child envisions all the kids on the playground return to play with Koichi, leaving him all alone. Halting his rampage, Number 6 thinks about how his dream, and everything that he has ever wanted to become, is now all happening for Koichi.

Number 6 proceeds to scream out in despair, his power overloading his brain to the point that he explodes, and splits out into numerous versions of himself that begin to suicide bomb all throughout the city. Buster Union are unable to do anything to help prevent this, when they suddenly get word from an incoming visitor, reminding them that since their specialty is concentrated firepower on a single villain, they are out of their wheelhouse. Endeavor descends on the city from a plane above, declaring it's time for him to take charge.

Chapter Notes

  • Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Ingenium assist in the evacuation efforts for the Naruhata citizens.
    • Eraser Head accompanies Koichi as they continue to distract Number 6 long enough until the rest of the Pro Heroes arrive.
  • It is revealed Mister Blaster became the Captain of Buster Union.
  • Seeing Koichi as the "hero" he always wanted to be causes Number 6 to break down in anguish, splitting up into several smaller versions of himself that start blowing up all throughout the city.
    • Endeavor arrives to join the fight.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Reinforcements (援軍 Engun?) but was amended for the volume release.

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