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Rootin' For Ya! (応援 Ōen?) is the one hundred and twentieth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Narufest gang cheer on Koichi to succeed.

Koichi and Number 6 continue their “playful” assault, with All For One observing their fighting as akin to “frolicking” within their exchange of passionate blows. He wonders where all their energy is coming from and what their Quirks are tapping into, as it’s nothing he can comprehend. He is desperate to know how to reach this domain “beyond the singularity”, when he hears “Knuckleduster” behind him, telling that a collector such as him would never understand. All For One turns around to see who spoke to him, but he doesn't see anyone.

Koichi destroys one of Number 6’s arms, prepared to dodge the other upcoming one, when he is caught off guard as the arm regenerates faster than he anticipated, as Number 6 claps his hands together, critically injuring Koichi in the middle. As he begins to lose focus and the damage on his body starts to pile back up, he hears cheers and words of encouragement from below the streets.

The Narufest gang’s shouting snaps Koichi out of it long enough to grab onto the side of a building and slow down his descent, though still resulting in him painfully slamming onto another building’s roof. Looking down to see the Narufest gang, he also begins to spot more civilians recognizing Koichi and checking out the fight, causing him to worry that the battle has shifted over to the populated area again.

The Pro Heroes make their dramatic return.

He tries to get them to run away, but they can’t hear him and proceed to cheer him on to fight. A crumbling building nearly crushes some people, but they are saved by the Hotta Brothers, who alongside the Hopper's Cafe workers and the Narufest gang, start to escort the civilians to the Café for safety, telling Koichi to not let the monster near their store.

From above, the reporter in the newscopter tries to inform the citizens to evacuate the area and get as far away from the villain as possible, only for Number 6 to smack the copter, causing everyone to fall out of it. Koichi tries to jump for it, but realizes he won’t make it in time to save them. Just then, a piece of thread grabs ahold of her megaphone, while the strands on the clothes stretch out and attach to a building, saving the reporters. Best Jeanist declares to everyone that even in the daunting crisis, their thread of hope remains in tact, and alongside Edgeshot, Ingenium, and Eraser Head elsewhere in the city, they still have its Heroes.

Chapter Notes

  • All For One continues observing Koichi and Number 6's fight, wondering how they've managed to surpass the "singularity" of their Quirks.
    • "Knuckleduster" suddenly appears, causing the All For One illusion to disappear.
  • Despite the pain, Koichi gets a second wind when he sees the Narufest gang, alongside the Naruhata civilians, cheering him on to succeed.
    • The Narufest gang and Hopper's Cafe workers help to escort the civilians to safety.
  • Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, Ingenium, and Eraser Head return to assist in helping the people and taking down the villain.

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