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The Bad One (ダメなやつ Damena Yatsu?) is the one hundred and seventeenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Kazuho suddenly starts to suffer from a seizure in her hospital bed, while Midnight worryingly looks on, thinking about how much Koichi is doing right now for her sake, so she can’t give in. Meanwhile, Koichi reacts in shock at the power of his Knuckle Style attack, before once again running away from Destruction Style Number 6’s incoming attacks, realizing his fist punch is “the bad one”: the shot he’s never supposed to use.

The Naruhata Vigilantes "reunited".

The illusion of Knuckleduster returns, telling Koichi that Number 6’s body is currently a cluster of pure energy and can’t be normally dealt damage towards, but his real body is on the head, so he needs to go and give a good punch to the weak spot of his exposed brain to knock him dead. Koichi quickly denies the idea of using it or his Shooty-Go-Kablam, despite Knuckleduster’s insistence on “kill or be killed”, and Koichi wondering why he has to murder someone and why it’d be okay.

He’s then surprisingly backed up by an illusion of Pop☆Step, who’s irritated face temporarily catches him off guard before returning to the chase. Pop asks why he’s picking a fight with the beast, with Koichi clarifying he didn’t start the fight, but needs to keep him contained here or else he’ll take his rampage beyond the neighborhood. Knuckleduster says it’s noble, but also that he needs to fight back and scramble his brain, and Pop adding without trying to kill.

Koichi unleashes the power of his Knuckle Style.

Koichi says he’s worried if he fights back she’ll get mad at him, causing her to snipe back making her seem like a girl to be feared, until he clarifies he’s not scared, he just doesn’t want her to hate him, causing her to intensely blush. Leaping into the air, Pop says there’s a difference between her “getting mad” and “hating him”, and in the bright shine of the moon, tells him there’s nothing he could do to make her hate him, and she’ll always love him.

With Number 6 getting closer, Koichi turns around prepared to attack, while Pop thinks about how there are no other heroes around, so he’s the only one who can play hero now, and this is the one time she’ll allow it. She cheers him on to get it done, as Koichi swings his Knuckle Style punch, blasting three huge shots directly into Number 6’s body.

Chapter Notes

  • Kazuho starts to suffer from a seizure in her hospital bed.
  • Koichi "reunites" with the Naruhata Vigilantes, as illusions of Knuckleduster and Pop give him advice on how to deal with the rampaging Number 6.
  • Koichi uses his Knuckle Style attack to blast holes into Number 6's energy-filled body.

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