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The Final Lesson (最後の教え Saigo no Oshie?) is the one hundred and sixteenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Koichi has a near-death reunion with his Master.

Number 6’s Destruction Style pummels the building, causing Koichi to be be completely entombed by the rubble around him. Meanwhile, the news copter continues to report on the mayhem going on, telling the Naruhata residents to take shelter, waiting for the Heroes to arrive, while the civilians all look on in the distance, wondering what has become of their town.

Koichi wakes up in the darkness, thinking about how this may be the end for him as he starts to bleed out, until he’s suddenly approached by a vision of Knuckleduster. At the same time, Soga sees the explosions from afar, thinking about how he needs to have faith in Koichi, preparing to administer first aid to Knuckleduster, as he notices him not responding.

Seeing Knuckleduster makes Koichi realize that he’s probably about to die, and this is just life flashing before his eyes, due to how hurt he is, but Knuckleduster asks if that’s really the case. He tries to move but is unable to do so without support, so Knuckleduster suggests using his Quirk to wrap his painful parts like a cast, which ends up working. He proceeds to coat his entire body in Slide and Glide, similar to Captain Celebrity's Flight, allowing him to practically float in mid-air to move.

The Crawler: Knuckle Style!

Next, Koichi attempts to escape the darkness, as Knuckleduster banters with him, telling him how he’s been able to handle everything on his own since he left, while Koichi tells him it’s been rough since then. He mentions how much Koichi has honed his body and used his ingenuity to work, while he says how he’s been practicing how to fall right too.

Reaching a dead end and asking what to do next, Knuckleduster congratulates him for going this far, causing Koichi to believe that he’s reached the end of the line, thinking about how he was at least able to help Kazuho and the others, and how impressive it is how far he's been able to go on his own. However, Knuckleduster cuts him off, simply telling him it’s time for “the fists” to take centre stage.

Number 6 continues to pound on the building, looking for Koichi, telling him he can no longer hide, and preparing to flatten everything in the vincinity, until he’s surprised by a sudden explosion below. Emerging under the rubble is Koichi, having punched his way out of it using Slide and Glide on his fists, dubbed "Knuckle Style".

Chapter Notes

  • Koichi communicates with a vision of Knuckleduster while trying to escape the rubble of the building.
    • He uses Slide and Glide to coat his entire body in the repulsive force, reinforcing his broken bones and allowing him to move.
    • He escapes by using his Quirk to create explosive punches from his fist, known as "Knuckle Style".

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  • This chapter was initially titled In Darkness (闇の中 Yami no Naka?) but was amended for the volume release.

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