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Conclusion to Power (力の結論 Chikara no Ketsuron?) is the one hundred and fifteenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Number 6 transforms after fusing with the Anonymous.

Koichi is flung away by Number 6’s explosion, attempting to reposition himself. All For One looks on at the “portrait of hell” as he witnesses the Anonymous and their Bomber cells combusting, transferring all their power to Number 6, as All For One asks if this is his concept of a “true hero.” Koichi grabs onto the side of a building, wondering what happened to all the villains, when Number 6, now a gigantic monster, emerges, punching Koichi on the building.

Koichi lands on the ground amongst the rubble, only to notice his right leg is broken. The giant Number 6 stomps right in front of Koichi, causing him to be blasted away, knocked into more debris, resulting in his left arm being broken, as well as fracturing his ribs. Unable to pick himself up, as Number 6 prepares to punch him, Koichi uses his remaining arm and leg to slide away from the destruction, and goes to hide in a nearby building.

"Overwhelming violence."

Taking a breather, Koichi looks over his broken arm, leg, and ribs, as well as bruises, burns, scrapes, and loss of blood, realizing how bad a shape he is in. He thinks about the chopper still up ahead and wonders when All Might will be arriving, hoping he shows up before he’s done. Meanwhile, All For One tells Number 6 that his target is a “master of hide-and-seek” and he’ll be trickier to hit underneath the building, asking what his next move is.

Number 6 thinks about how burning hot he is feeling in his combustive state, with no air to breathe, feeling the same he did when he was hit by Endeavor’s Hellflame attack. However, his brain is burning hotter than any fire, overheating within his skull, and that it’s time to make the internal fire explore, transforming into “Number 6: Destruction Style." All For One gleefully states that he’s reached the conclusion just like his old chum, smashing everything to dust with overwhelming violence, as Number 6 pummels the building into nothing.

Chapter Notes

  • Number 6 fuses with the Bomber cells of the remaining Anonymous to become a gigantic form known as "Destruction Style."
  • Koichi's leg, arm, and ribs are broken, forcing him to hide in a nearby building, waiting for All Might to arrive.
    • Number 6 in his gigantic form, resembling All Might, unleashes all of his hatred and destroys the building.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Conclusion (結論 Ketsuron?) but was amended for the volume release.

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