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Dogfight (ドッグファイト Doggufaito?) is the one hundred and fourteenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


A news copter broadcasting the battle between Koichi and Number 6.

Koichi realizes Number 6 is sending too many missiles out at him to outrun or shoot down, so with no other options left, he speeds himself up to the max, before turning around and striking back at the missiles with his repulsion blasts. The flurry of explosions caused by the two’s attacks are seen by everyone else in Naruhata below.

A news copter arrives on the scene, reporting on Naruhata currently being stuck in a major power failure, and how two unidentified indivuals are in the middle of a dogfight against each other, firing off glowing projectiles in mid-air. Koichi notices the camera and realizes that the news being broadcast means All Might and the other Heroes will show up to respond soon, relieving him since he just needs to keep running in the meantime.

At the same time, All For One criticizes Number 6 for how bombastic their battle got, calling Operation Anonymous a total failure, and telling him to move on to the retrieval phase. However, Number 6 disagrees, as all he wants and needs to do is killing Koichi with all the strength he can muster: his sole desire left. All For One gleefully lets Number 6 show him how brightly his existence can burn.

After recharging with bomber cells, Number 6 continues with the fight.

Number 6 blasts toward Koichi, shooting a barrage of missiles that home in and hit him from his back, while he readies to come at him with a Knuckle Bomb punch from the front. With no way out, Koichi defends all the attacks with all the power he can muster. To his surprise though, Number 6’s body suddenly evaporates, leaving behind just the skeleton that plummets to the ground, causing Koichi to wonder if he’s dead.

Instead, Koichi discovers a hoarde of the remaining Anonymous below the streets, ready to catch Number 6. All For One realizes Number 6’s plan, buying enough time until his body burnt out to summon the Anonymous to his crash landing site, so he can fuse together with all of their Bomber cells, for one final Detonation. Number 6 blasts back up forward toward Koichi, as All For One tells him to witness his final shining act, the powerful incarnation he’s long desired.

Chapter Notes

  • The people of Naruhata watch the flurry of explosions caused by Koichi and Number 6's mid-air battle.
  • A news copter arrives on the scene, reporting on the events going on, leading Koichi to believe the Heroes will arrive soon.
  • All For One tries to get Number 6 to retreat, but he stands firmly for his desire to kill Koichi.
  • After seemingly burning out for good, Number 6 summons the remaining Anonymous to fuse together all of the Bomber cells, for one final Detonation attack.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Dogfight (空中戦 Kūchū-sen?) but was amended for the volume release.

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