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The Worst Villain (最悪の敵 Saiaku no Teki?) is the one hundred and thirteenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Number 6 turns into a being of pure energy to kill Koichi.

Number 6 thinks about how his goal was always to become the next O'Clock, and that All Might was seemingly the only one who stood in his way, which is why he made sure to avoid him at all costs. However, no matter what happened, Koichi was always there to obstruct his life’s goal, seeing him now as no longer just a “pest” but the “ultimate villain” who stands opposed to his existence. Koichi manages to avoid Number 6’s mid-air explosion, only to see him emerge as a living blend of plasma energy. Number 6 bursts his way forward, with Koichi shooting a Shooty-Go-Kablam at him, but Number 6 simply negates it.

The All For One disguised O’Clock illusion is surprised to see how he’s been able to use the Bomber cells to transform his body into combusting plasma, dubbed Number 6: Lightning Style. He proceeds to praise Number 6 on how his admiration for heroes set him on his path, and his rage has allowed him to maximize his potential, no longer operating to All For One's whims, but taking flight on his own free will; the greatest guinea pig he could ask for.

Miu and Yu watch the aerial battle.

Number 6 starts to shoot blasts of energy from his finger tips, which Koichi likens to missiles that he’s forced to try and shoot and dodge. He continues to evade, but notices they’re homing in on him, and there’s too many for him to shoot down. He looks backward to see Number 6 quickly speeding his way forward toward him with nowhere else to go.

On the streets, the Narufest gang chance after Miu, asking her why she’s trying to find Koichi. She states that she noticed when Kazuho was acting strange but didn’t do anything, and she couldn’t take it if when she manages to wake up Koichi’s gone, despite them saying it’s not her fault. Yu finally reaches her sister, saying they all have to deal with it together, only to look up and see a flurry of explosions filling the air.

Chapter Notes

  • Number 6 uses the Bomber cells to transform his entire body into combustible plasma energy, known as "Lightning Style."
    • He proceeds to barrage Koichi with a hoard of homing plasma missiles he's forced to try and counter and dodge.
  • The Narufest gang chase after Miu to reach the location of Koichi and Number 6's battle.
  • All For One continues to watch the events from afar.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This chapter was initially titled Ultimate Villain (最大の敵 Saidai no Teki?) but was amended for the volume release.

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