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The Ends to Miscalculation (誤算の果て Gosan no Hate?) is the one hundred and twelfth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Knuckleduster prepares to blow up himself and Number 6.

Knuckleduster thinks about how in his last encounter with Number 6, his mistake was underestimating his speed and physical enhancements, which allowed him to escape the collapsed building, but this time, the bombs that he's surrounded in the building use a fuel that'll suck the oxygen out of the air, while also intending to stick around ensuring they both don't escape.

Number 6 takes the opportunity of his talking to shoot him in the stomach with his hand gun, but Knuckleduster simply continues to punch his face, telling him he wore a bulletproof jacket, as well as taken some drugs to keep him active, and all he needs to do is wait another 5 seconds for the bombs to go off. However, by the supposed time, the bombs don't detonate.

Soga suddenly appears before the two, telling Knuckleduster that he figured out his plan when he first noticed the bombs and had disarmed them. He angrily declares that Koichi and everyone are putting their lives on the line to keep people alive, which means he can't die either.

Number 6 gleefully laughs at both of them, kicking Knuckleduster over and laughing that his elaborate plot has failed, and proceeds to taunt Soga how even though he's thinking about how he can end him with one shot to the head, he knows Soga doesn't actually have the guts to take a life, while he can rip them apart instantly with no effort. He gives him one more chance to make a move before he kills the both of them.

Koichi saves Knuckleduster and Soga.

Instead, Koichi arrives knocking him and Number 6 off the building, before blasting his way into the sky. He thinks about how despite all of his speed, the one thing Number 6 can't do is fly, so he has to drag him out of the neighbourhood himself, speeding his way through the air.

Knuckleduster compliments Soga's plan on using himself as bait, trying to talk and say he's fine, but Soga calls his bluff, telling him to stop talking and that they're going to make sure he doesn't die, since he's still got people counting on him to come home. Knuckleduster looks on surprised as Soga tells him for them to trust Koichi to handle the rest.

Koichi continues thrusting Number 6 into the air, as the villain angrily thinks about how again and again, it is always Koichi who gets in his way, as the scar on his face starts to crack up, before exploding in the air.

Chapter Notes

  • It is revealed Soga had previously disarmed all of Knuckleduster's bombs in the building, in order to prevent him from sacrificing his own life.
  • Koichi saves Knuckleduster and Soga from Number 6, blasting the both of them into the sky out of Naruhata.
    • Number 6 frustratingly explodes in mid-air.

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  • This chapter was initially titled The Old-Timer (クソジジイ Kuso Jijī?) but was amended for the volume release.

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