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Return of the Fist (鉄拳復活 Tekken Fukkatsu?) is the one hundred and eleventh chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Number 6 chooses which Hero he wants to become.

Knuckleduster slowly makes his way up to the roof of an abandoned building, using a cane to support his busted knee, thinking about how in a contest of speed, the only way for him to win is with a solid plan. He eventually spots Number 6 preparing to snipe Koichi, aware that he knew his speed was a threat and had set a trap for him, knowing just for that moment he’d let his guard down, and allowing him to jump in and strike.

In the past, Doctor Kyudai Garaki and All For One examine “Experiment Number 6”, a boy who suffers from agnosia, having no awareness of his own self or society, thus believed unfit to be a pupil by the Doctor. However, All For One believes that he is a marvellous lump of potential, one that could be the twisted entity they seek, and could take whatever form he desires.

He sits Number 6 in front of visuals of many Pro Heroes, telling him that he can became anyone and any Quirk that most interests him. Number 6 chooses O’Clock, which All For One compliments him on, telling him to visualize him as his mentor, as All For One takes the shape in his mind as his “Master O’Clock”.

Knuckleduster prepares to end himself and Number 6 for good.

In the present, Knuckleduster continues with his flurry of punches, deciding that the "Knuckle Sandwich" would be the most reliable, as if any other attack failed, he would simply flee, but by getting up close and personal, he can get into his head. After taunting him to speak, Number 6 transforms back into “Rock” face, only to be pummelled some more. Number 6 screams to Knuckleduster why he chose Koichi and not him, and all he ever wanted was to become him, pointing his hand to shoot a bullet out of it.

Still speeding, Koichi hears the gunshot and is confused, until he spots Soga following right behind him. Knuckleduster avoids the shot, grabbing onto Number 6’s arm, telling him he picked the wrong guy to idolize, and that even though he was born with a decent Quirk and some brains, that has nothing to do with a man’s true value, and that everything worth it about him that’s left he’s passed on to more deserving people.

He gleefully states all he has left to give him is his own worthless life, holding a detonator to his face, as the building they are on is surrounded in explosives. Elsewhere in the mountains, Tamao Oguro is playing guitar when she spots a shooting star in the sky.

Chapter Notes

  • More about Number 6's past is revealed.
    • He was a nameless boy who suffered from agnosia and was taken in as an experiment to study by Doctor Garaki and All For One.
    • All For One let him choose what Hero to idolize which would shape his identity, picking O'Clock.
    • It is confirmed Number 6's mental illusion of O'Clock is one of All For One.
  • Knuckleduster beats up and corners Number 6, with the intention of blowing up the building they are on, killing them both for good.

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