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Careless (油断 Yudan?) is the one hundred and tenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Koichi defends the bystanders.

Koichi continues to be assaulted by the horde of Anonymous giving chase. He attempts to slip down an alley to evade them, but there are some already there waiting for him. Flying away to avoid the explosions, Koichi notices several civilians still exposed in the streets, who recognize Koichi. The Anonymous prepare to detonate right in front of them, forcing Koichi to jump in and repel the explosions, telling them to take shelter before speeding off.

Koichi realizes he can’t stick to the main streets or station area or else someone will get hurt, so he goes for another option. At the same time, Soga is giving chase when he notices the sounds of the explosions have changed, now heading toward the old district. At Hopper’s Café, the Hotta Brothers note that the explosions have started getting closer, telling the kids to be careful. As Yu tells Miu they should take shelter, she hears the Hotta Brothers react to Koichi being attacked by a villain, causing her to suddenly get up and run out.

Meanwhile, Koichi heads down a straight road out of the neighbourhood, with the intention of escaping and getting ahold of All Might, with the Anonymous still on his tail. However, the Hi-Crawler Number 6 stands on a rooftop nearby, laughing to himself about how he intentionally pushed him to take this route, making him careless enough for him to finally get him off guard.


After unveiling several rifle parts and bullets he had hid in his body, Number 6 once again transforms his physique, locking all of his joints into place, and turning his body into a sniper rifle, dubbed “Number 6: Sniper Style.” Thanks to his Overclock, in combination of all his bloodlust poured into a single shot, Number 6 prepares to blast a supersonic shot directly at Koichi, ready to scramble his brain.

Suddenly, a huge punch, followed by a flurry of consecutive punches, ram right into Number 6’s face, knocking him over, as a familiar voice taunts him regarding his train of thought and that he believe he'd ride to victory. Knuckleduster reveals himself, declaring he’s here.

Chapter Notes

  • Koichi prepares to lure the Anonymous out of Naruhata, in hopes of gaining All Might's attention.
    • Number 6 intentionally tricks Koichi to taking this route so as to snipe him with a supersonic shot.
  • Knuckleduster is revealed to be alive, saving Koichi by knocking down Number 6.

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