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Rescue Exercise ( (きゅう) (じょ) (えん) (しゅう) Kyūjo Enshū?) is the one hundred and ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Yokumiru Mera announces to the one hundred examinees that they will be conducting rescue maneuvers in saving citizens at the disaster site; what will be tested is the examinees' ability to adequately carry out rescue operations. However, the citizens are not ordinary: they are senior citizens and children who have obtained Provisional Hero Licenses, having gone through all sorts of training, and, as a result, are experts in rescue maneuvers. The senior citizens and children are a part of H.U.C. Yokumiru explains that the senior citizens are disguised as injured victims and are scattered throughout the disaster site, the examinees will carry out their rescues. Yokumiru informs the examinees that their rescue activities will be scored on a point system, and, by the time the rescue activities are completed, examinees who exceed the average value will pass. Yokumiru ends his explanation by telling the examinees that there will be a ten-minute break, which will give the examinees time to prepare.

Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Ida realize that the Second Exam is modeled after the Kamino Incident. Izuku tells Tenya that they will do their best. Hanta Sero tells Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta that Izuku saw Camie Utsushimi's naked body, which infuriates them; the two antagonize Izuku for what he saw, which confuses him. The trio look at Camie who smiles in return, and Izuku begins understanding the situation, informing Denki and Minoru that her nude body had something to do with her Quirk. Students from Shiketsu High School approach U.A. High School's Class 1-A. A hairy Shiketsu male greets Katsuki Bakugo and asks if he had met Seiji Shishikura. Katsuki replies that he did, and the Shiketsu student apologizes for Seiji's rude behavior towards them. The Shiketsu student states that Seiji was trying to impress them in his own way and reveals that Shiketsu High bears no hostility towards U.A. The hairy Shiketsu male wishes to establish a good relationship with U.A. and apologizes for Seiji's impolite behavior. Seeing as how they are here to talk and not antagonize, Shoto Todoroki asks Inasa Yoarashi if he did something to bother him. Inasa gets straight to the point: he hates both Shoto and his father, Endeavor. Inasa comments this, his demeanor changing; Shoto still has the same eyes as Endeavor. Inasa rejoins his fellow Shiketsu High classmates while Shoto contemplates what Inasa just said. Before Izuku can consult Shoto, Camie says goodbye to Izuku, to which Izuku immediately responds with a nod. Camie walks away, leaving Ochaco Uraraka's heart pounding, suddenly being unable to suppress her feelings.

Before Ochaco can speak to Izuku, the Second Exam of the Provisional Hero License Exam begins. A rescue scenario is being broadcast to the examinees: a large-scale destruction of buildings has resulted in large numbers of victims. The damage to the roads is severe and the emergency unit will be considerably late. Until the emergency unit arrives, all rescue activities will be left to the heroes and they must save every life they can. The waiting room door opens up and the one hundred examinees rush out to the disaster site to carry out their rescue operations. Izuku, Ochaco, Tenya, Minoru, and Mina Ashido head to the nearest affected urban zone. They encounter a crying and injured child who screams that his grandpa has been crushed. Izuku struggles with trying to console him, much to the crying child's annoyance; he finds Izuku's reaction to be pathetic and takes away points from him. The child advises Izuku to check his breathing and if he can walk; Izuku notes that he is bleeding. The child tells Izuku that if he desires a Provisional Hero License then he must be able to assess the condition of a victim and take instant action. Izuku realizes that the HUCs are doing the scoring and becomes overwhelmed. Some examinees begin scoping out the danger area of the disaster site, creating makeshift roads, landing areas, making first aid stations and establishing a relief area.

On the bleachers, Shota comments that Class 1-A will fall behind in this exam. The child tells Izuku that in addition to rescuing and providing relief, all authority and responsibility is on his shoulders, and he must act smoothly and quickly as the intermediary in rescue operations. In order to save lives, Heroes must be good at all sorts of things. The child questions Izuku's tolerance towards the fear, pain, and anxiety of the victims since he found Izuku's first response to be terrible. The child's advice reminds Izuku of what All Might does, telling the victims that everything is all right since he has arrived. Izuku gets back into focus and realizes that this exam is not a checkpoint, everything he is doing is a part of chasing his dream to be a hero.

Izuku tells the child that everything will be all right. The child reverts back to a victim while Izuku consoles him, saying that they will definitely rescue his grandpa. Izuku checks the child's physical condition and tells Tenya and Ochaco that he will take the child to the first-aid station. Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl and rushes to the first-aid station with the injured child in his hands. Ochaco looks at Izuku and questions what she is doing; she realizes that she does indeed have feelings for Izuku but recognises that, in order to focus on her dream, she must shut off her feelings for Izuku. The reason Ochaco found Izuku to be cool in the first place was that he does everything he can without giving up for the sole purpose of achieving his objective; she believes Izuku's determination is admirable. Ochaco decides to do her best, knowing that burying her feelings for Izuku will aid her in doing so. Ochaco becomes focused and determined, springing into action.

Yokumiru notes that the ordinary methods in the Second Exam will not be enough for the examinees. Suddenly, a mysterious individual steps foot in the disaster site.

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