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A Hundred Hits (連打百遍 Renda Hyaku-ben?) is the one hundred and seventh chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Number 6 attacks, without stopping, his sworn enemy.

Number 6 irritatingly punches a car, demonstrating the power of his Knuckle Bomb attack, and asks Koichi how he’s still able to keep up after taking all of his hits. Koichi thinks, but is unable to properly answer. The O'Clock illusion notes how he isn’t playing dumb, meaning that he must be handling his Overclock attacks subconsciously.

Equating Koichi’s luckiness to “button-mashing”, Number 6 decides to go in for a rush attack, blasting Koichi with a flurry of punches, which he attempts to reflect. “O’Clock” informs him that his “quantity over quality” tactic is ill-advised, as the essence of Overclock is acceleration of one’s thought process, which allows them to deliberately choose the optimal action every time, but without strength akin to All Might, a head-on approach won’t be effective.

Number 6 realizes the true terrifying potential of The Crawler.

Number 6 ignores this advice, stating that “O’Clock” didn’t have the right body to make use of the Quirk, but he can go past the limits. He assumes that Koichi is just desperately moving around his force fields to dodge his attacks, only to notice that his defence is surprisingly precise, just barely reading his moves on time.

He decides to shift into high gear, getting even faster with his punches, before hitting him in the chest to temporarily stun him, ready to blow his head off with a Knuckle Bomb. However, Koichi instinctively fires off a repulsion blast from his hand, grazing Number 6’s head and forcing him to back off.

Number 6 remains bewildered how Koichi manages to match Overclock’s speed, until “O’Clock” figures out what is going on. He talks about how the human body will often take action without waiting for a conscious decision to be made, and that Koichi’s subconscious actions follow this line of thought. He continues that while Number 6’s brain can process thoughts faster than anyone, Koichi’s body can act even faster than his thoughts.

Number 6 turns into a monster.

“O’Clock” suggests Number 6 abandon the mission and retreat, while also stressing not to encounter Koichi again. He states that with his superior Quirk, which grants him high-speed movement, ranged attacks, and defensive force fields, as well as the subconscious reflexes to trigger them all when needed, while he may only be able to flee and dodge currently, in the days to come if he perfects his abilities, he will become the perfect foil, a foe like All Might to be avoided.

Number 6 angrily rejects “O’Clock”’s statement, and that he doesn’t care about the “days to come”, only that today was supposed to be his turn. Deciding to now make Koichi his number 1 target, he starts to morph and completely change his body, to Koichi’s surprise, transforming into a giant spider-like creature, which he declares as being Phase 6 of Operation Anonymous.

Chapter Notes

  • Number 6 & "O'Clock" figure out that Koichi has managed to outpace Overclock thanks to his natural subconscious reflexes.
  • Number 6 executes Phase 6 of "Operation Anonymous", transforming himself into a giant spider-like creature.

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  • This chapter was initially titled The Days To Come (この先 Kono Saki?) but was amended for the volume release.

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