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Chase of Crawlers (CHASE (チェイス) OF (オブ) CRAWLERS (クロウラーズ) Cheisu Obu Kurōrāzu?) is the one hundred and sixth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Soga asks Moyuru and Rapt about the situation.

Rapt throws a rock at a nearby Anonymous, determining they are in fact still frozen, and is berated by Moyuru in case they’ll explode. Soga arrives on his motorcycle asking for an update, as they inform him about Koichi and Number 6’s scuffle, and how they’ve since sped off. Soga prepares to head after them, telling the two to go somewhere safe, as they quip wondering where “safe” is.

Number 6 gives chase to Koichi, who at every point manages to avoid his Detonation attacks, as the two speed off down the road. The O’Clock illusion surmises that Koichi has managed to lure Number 6 away from the hospital, and that he intends to still seek All Might's help, with Number 6 taking the bait, something he is painfully aware of already. He once again tries to hit him with an explosive punch, but Koichi instantly dodges to the side.

Number 6 continues to chase Koichi against "O'Clock"'s suggestions.

“O’Clock” figures out that Koichi’s been reading his patterns and using sound to determine whenever he leaps, and instinctively dodging his attacks. He suggests in order to catch him off guard, he’ll have to alter his approach to eliminate his hangtime.

Number 6 thinks about how, before the advent of Quirks, maximum human running speed was about 45km/hr, and that air resistance starts to push back when you try to go faster than that. So in order to fight against the drag, he goes for a different approach, gripping the ground as he moves himself forward, dubbing it “Number 6: Crawler Style”.

Koichi inadvertently forms a barrier on his back that protects him.

Koichi notices Number 6 speeding toward him, crawling on all fours, thinking about how creepy he looks now, forcing him to jump into the air and use his Shooty-Go-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam, blasting off several repulsion blasts toward him. Instead, Number 6 is able to dodge them all, taking advantage of Koichi in mid-air this time, about to detonate him in the back.

However, to his shock, Koichi manages to block the detonation punch with a repulsion blast from his back, and does it again when he attempts with his other hand. As the two land and recover, Number 6 realizes that his Slide And Glide is able to project his force fields anywhere on his body, not just his hands and feet, and starts to wonder the big question, how he is able to match his Overclock speed.

Chapter Notes

  • Koichi and Number 6 give chase, with Koichi dodging Number 6's attacks at every moment.
  • Number 6 develops a new technique, "Crawler Style", in order to match him and catch him off guard.
  • Number 6 realizes that Koichi's Slide And Glide can project force fields anywhere on the body, not just hands and feet.
    • He also begins to wonder how he is able to match the speed of his Overclock.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Tag (追いかけっこ Oikakekko?) but was amended for the volume release.

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