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Escape Start (逃走開始 Tōsō Kaishi?) is the one hundred and fifth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


News reports on the Naruhata crisis.

In a café, Toshinori Yagi watches a news broadcast talking about how Naruhata has been experiencing a large-scale blackout. They mention that the city of Tokyo and the metropolitian police department have put in a call to any available heroes to help keep distressed citizens safe. Toshinori recognizes how Naomasa has been doing a lot of work in that area and hopes everything is fine, when he gets a call requesting All Might to stop a Namahage attack in Akita, as he heads off.

Back in Naruhata, Number 6 blasts away Koichi, which he explains he accomplished through a high-speed flurry with his fist loaded up with Bombify, Detonation, and Regeneration, thinking about how his limit is three punches in one breath. Elsewhere, Naomasa notices the explosions, as Midnight uses her Quirk to put the Anonymous to sleep while she heads back to Kazuho's room. Soga swings down from his building, wondering if Koichi has escaped yet.

Rapt and Moyuru react to Koichi getting blown up, causing Number 6 to notice their presence, ready to kill them too. However, to all their surprise, Koichi gets back up relatively fine. Irritated, Number 6 rushes back in to punch him again, while the O'Clock illusion reminds him there must be an unknown factor at play and to go faster and observe in detail.

Koichi shields himself from Number 6's attacks.

He manages to figure out that Koichi is using the repulsion blasts from his Slide And Glide to disperse his explosions, as well as leaping backward to neutralize the damage. Now that he's unlocked another "cheat code", Number 6 tries to think of a way around him. "O'Clock" suggests attacking him fast so he can't react, but seeing as he's on guard, and recognizing his speed, manueverability, and flight, instead suggests a retreat.

Incredibly annoyed now, Number 6 ignores "O'Clock"'s warnings, calling Koichi a pest. Koichi, meanwhile, thinks about how it always feels like his body moves without thinking, and how sometimes this makes people mad doing stuff like this. However, right now, he's fine with that, as all he has to do is keep making him mad, so that he can buy time for everyone else.

Meanwhile, All Might returns to the café after solving the Namahage problem, until he is called again about an Awa Odori problem in Tokushima.

Chapter Notes

  • Alongside Self-Detonation and Regeneration, Number 6 is confirmed to also have the Quirk, "Bombify".
  • Koichi manages to nullify Number 6's explosions with his repulsion blasts, keeping him at bay until everyone else is safe.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Pest (面倒 Mendō?) but was amended for the volume release.

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