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This Face (この顔 Kono Gao?) is the one hundred and fourth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Number 6 explains the origin of "Rokuro"'s face.

Right when Koichi initially blasts into the sky, he thinks about how since he's unequipped to fight head-to-head with a nasty villain like that, flying off to get All Might is the right choice. However, even despite his speed, knowing the trouble everyone else is in right now, he turns back around to confront Number 6. Right when this happens, all the Anonymous going after Soga, the Police Force, and Rapt & Moyuru, stop moving.

Number 6 taunts Koichi for appearing in front of him, while he questions if he’s the same person he met the other day, due to how different his charred face looks. Number 6 starts to freak out, unaware he forgot to put on his face, as he uses his Bomber cells to transform it into his “Rokuro Nomura” face.

Koichi prepares to blast Number 6.

He declares this face to be one of his favorites to wear, although also states that since the face was directly modeled after Koichi, he’ll have to disappear. He starts to go on a tangent, thinking about how if he got rid of Koichi, he could patch things back up with Kazuho, so the “Rock and Pop” duo can make a comeback, though the “O’Clock” personality says she’s a liability and should be eliminated.

Koichi suddenly goes on his knees and begs Number 6 to go with that option, that he’ll disappear if it means she won’t get hurt. Number 6 is confused by his response, telling him that by “disappear” he means “die”, as he prepares to stomp on him with his explosives. Instead, Koichi uses Slide and Glide from his kowtow position to sweep his legs, forcing Number 6 in the air unable to use his Quirk, as Koichi prepares to blast him.

He thinks back to talking about Number 6 with Soga, who after stating he has no chance in a fair fight, reveals that, for whatever reason, he loves to endlessly talk, whether that’s for pride or trying to gain some respect, and that if he can take advantage of that, he can catch him off guard and blast him in the face to knock him out for good.

Koichi prepares to shoot Number 6 with a hard blast right to the face, however, thinking about Kazuho’s face when using it at its most lethal, he hesitates and shoots to the side. Number 6 takes advantage of this, speeding up behind Koichi, telling him he has to “commit” before punching him with a powerful blast of explosions.

Chapter Notes

  • Koichi faces off against Number 6.
    • Number 6 reveals his "Rokuro Nomura" face was modeled off of Koichi.
    • Koichi manages to get the upper hand, but hesitates to shoot him point blank in the face.
    • Number 6 takes advantage of the hesitation and blasts Koichi.

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  • This chapter was initially titled The Bad One (ダメなやつ Damena Yatsu?) but was amended for the volume release.

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