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Aim for the Head (脳を撃てば Nō o Uteba?) is the one hundred and third chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Number 6 taunts the frozen Naomasa.

Naomasa and the Police Force restrain Number 6 with cuffs, which the illusion of O’Clock notices includes a stun function. Naomasa gets them to call Midnight, as she heads over there. Number 6 states to himself that since Midnight’s Quirk will put his brain to sleep, he has to shut this down now.

Parts of body suddenly start to melt away as the others react in confusion, until Number 6 uses Overclock to freeze time and remerge his body to go right in front of Naomasa, taunting him that since his body is made up of Bomber cells that take commands from his brain, shooting his hands and legs won’t do anything, and he should’ve aimed for the head.

The O’Clock illusion reminds him to not let down his guard as Soga is still outside with his sights on him, but Number 6 reassures that he won’t pull the trigger with the officers in the way. As he prepares to take down the officers for being too slow, Koichi starts blasting more Shooty-Go-Blam shots at Number 6’s face, which “O’Clock” notes that despite being low impact and low velocity, they're still more annoying to deal with then they'd expect. He recommends retreating for now so as not to run out of breath, which Number 6 reluctantly does. Koichi is shocked at his speed, while Naomasa turns to him for a task.

Koichi prepares for the final battle.

Making his way outside, with Moyuru and Rapt silently watching from the bushes, Number 6 decides to regroup and make his way back in, using the Anonymous to take care of the officers, and then sending some more to go after Soga. He continues to discuss with “O’Clock” about his next move, which Moyuru and Rapt just see as him talking with himself, when they all see Koichi blast his way up into the sky.

Naomasa had informed Koichi to escape and summon All Might, while they handle the rest themselves. “O’Clock” realizes their plan, warning Number 6 that they’ll only have about 60 seconds until All Might arrives, though he states it should be no issue since all he’ll have to do is eliminate Kazuho quickly and escape.

Number 6, however, doesn’t like it since he doesn’t like the idea of “running scared” from Koichi, and sticking with his anonymity will just leave him as “nameless” and “faceless” as ever. Instead, he decides to indulge and try to slaughter everyone himself, only to be surprised by Koichi making his entrance right behind him.

Chapter Notes

  • Number 6 escapes from custody, while Naomasa orders Koichi to summon All Might.
  • Number 6, irritated at his anonymity plan, decides to indulge and kill everyone.
  • Koichi returns to face off against Number 6.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This chapter was initially titled Inhumanity (人ならざるもの Hito Narazaru Mono?) but was amended for the volume release.
  • Number 6 telling Naomasa he "should've aimed for the head" references Thanos' line to Thor in Avengers: Infinity War.
    • He also prepares to kill them with his Self-Destruct, visually resembling the Infinity Gauntlet.

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