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Intruder (侵入者 Shin'nyū-sha?) is the one hundred and second chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


As Number 6 and the Anonymous destroy the entrance to the hospital, Midnight and several doctors who are looking over Kazuho’s body hear about the breach in the perimeter. Number 6 enters the hospital alone, leaving the Anonymous to wander aimlessly outside. Rapt and Moyuru notice this, with the latter noting they were probably left behind because having so many Bomber Villains grouped together in a building would be risky, while also pointing out how much they look like zombies now.

Number 6 taunts Naomasa.

The illusion of O’Clock congratulations Number 6 on his smart thinking, how he’s been using Overclock to control the hive mind of the Anonymous, and that he needs it to be free for more precise movements. Enlarging his arm and executing another explosion, Number 6 makes his way into a hallway where he’s faced with Naomasa Tsukauchi and several officers who attempt to place him under arrest.

Number 6 recognizes Naomasa from the Osaka incident, as well as pointing out he referred to him by “Overclock”, which he figures Eizo Tanuma told him about his Quirk, and that he should of shut him up sooner, as the officers are all shocked by Number 6’s completely crisped face. He tells them that he’s only here to kill Kazuho, but if they get in the way they’ll be on his list too, until he is surprised by shots coming through the window from someone directly outside.

About half an hour earlier, Naomasa and his Police Force met up with Midnight and the doctors as they tried to get power back up in the building as well as detailing their priority on the situation. Rapt appears to Naomasa, telling him Soga’s arrived and wants to talk to him alone.

They chat in the parking garage, where Soga tells him that since they can’t contact the Heroes right now, they have to be prepared with whoever is available. They both go over all the information they know of on Number 6: that Koichi told them he was going to murder Kazuho, and that he’s a speedster who loves being sneaky and using disguises. Naomasa also recalls his previous run-in with him, how they have been looking for him for a while, and that they suspect he’s the one who went after Eizo.

Soga comes up with a plan to distract his speed by sniping at him from the corridor, which Naomasa agrees, but tells him not to hit him, as he can’t let a civilian get his hands dirty, and to let his officers finish the job. Soga agrees to these terms, saying he doesn’t think he could easily hit him anyway from that distance, and that he’ll let them handle it.

Koichi arrives to assist in the fight.

In the present, Soga switches the gun to automatic, causing random fire throughout the hallway, which Naomasa thinks about being a bit too much. As Number 6 uses Overclock to avoid the shots, the illusion of O’Clock notes that due to how the bullets are being sprayed around, the shooter doesn’t intend to land any hits, and that they are forcing him to use his Quirk and deplete his oxygen.

Number 6 instead decides to wait until the gun is out of ammo and use that to catch his breath, but is instead surprised by the arrival of Koichi, who utilizes his Shooty-Go-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam to further distract Number 6. He continues to try and dodge and swat away the low-impact attacks, which allow the officers the opportunity to shoot at Number 6 at the legs, causing him to fall on his knees, as Naomasa yells to secure him.

Chapter Notes

  • Number 6 executes Phase 5 of his Operation: leaving the Anonymous outside so as not to keep his mind distracted, and finally kill Kazuho.
  • Naomasa and his Police Force confront Number 6 and attempt to arrest him.
    • Prior to his attack, Soga and Naomasa put aside their differences and come up with a plan to stop him.
  • Soga, and then later Koichi, distract Number 6 by firing stray shots to get him to overuse his Quirk, which allow the Police Force to successfully shoot his legs and attempt to secure him.

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