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Fly at Night (夜を翔ける Yoru o Kakeru?) is the one hundred and first chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Koichi blasts his way over to Kazuho.

Right after Eraser Head informs Koichi to head to the Hospital and relay the information to Detective Naomasa, he’s surprised by the arrival of more Anonymous, forcing him to jump onto the side of a building for safety. He asks Eraser Head if he’ll be okay on his own, which he responds by saying a real Hero doesn’t need help from an amateur, and that he knows this isn’t where he’s supposed to be right now.

Koichi slides his way up the building, blasting his way through the sky toward the Hospital. Eraser Head reflects to himself how much of a pain it is he can’t escape having to hold some kid’s hand, turning back to face the Anonymous again ready to take them on.

After doing a second jump to maintain his control in the sky, Koichi thinks to himself about how he knows he can only do two mid-air jumps in a row, and forcing anymore will result in him falling. With Kazuho the only thing on his mind, as he speeds to her location, he does several more mid-air jumps, not paying attention to how many he’s done.

Number 6 makes his grand entrance.

As he nears the Hospital, an explosion goes off right at the front gate. He is then signalled by Soga, who is on another rooftop closeby. Soga tells him they’re finally making their move, and tells Koichi to prepare to do-or-die.

The police force try to shoot at the incoming Anonymous, who are using their Self-Detonation Quirks to push them back, while Rapt yells at them to fall back. When one of the officers gets knocked down, Rapt and Moyuru quickly run in to take him to safety, wondering what they could do against monsters like that. As Number 6 and his Anonymous emerge from the smoke and prepare to make their way inside the building, Rapt comments that Soga and Koichi will hopefully be able to figure it out.

Chapter Notes

  • The Anonymous continue their assault on Eraser Head.
  • Koichi makes his way back to the Hospital, reuniting with Soga ready for the final battle.
  • Number 6 and the Anonymous start their attack on the Hospital.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This chapter was initially titled Where I Should Be (居場所 Ibasho?) but was amended for the volume releas.

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