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Super Explosion! (超爆! Chōbaku!?) is the one hundredth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Eraser Head restrains Koichi.

On the rooftops of the blacked out city, Number 6 elaborates on his plan with the O'Clock illusion. The soldiers Number 6 controls are hivemind-type villains called Anonymous, designed to put civilians in a state of unease, as well as blend in easily to mask their presence. Number 6 also cut off communications to further enhance the unease, as well as to prevent a powerful hero such as All Might from stepping in.

On the ground, Koichi is trying to calm down the civilians, and asks them to take shelter while the Heroes try to assess the situation. At the Naruhata Station, Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, and Ingenium, figure out the blackout extends several kilometers outside of their current situation, and due to the roads and railways being suspended, there is difficulty in restoring power to the city. Best Jeanist, noticing a similarity between this and the Sky Egg Bombing, prioritizes making outside contact with other personnel to help them. Ingenium volunteers to try and make contact with his agency, and Best Jeanist heads out to deal with the citizens' needs. Edgeshot decides to survey the area, as well as try to make contact with Detective Naomasa.

Number 6 blows up several Anonymous to throw off the Heroes.

Koichi walks into the station with Eraser Head to thank the three Heroes for their service, barely making his way out the door before being ensnared by Eraser Head, effectively putting him under arrest. Best Jeanist and Edgeshot inquire why he didn't attempt to flee earlier, as Koichi says the least he could do was thank them for all the hard work they've been doing. After hearing this, Eraser Head turns to Edgeshot to tell him he'll head to the hospital to link up with Naomasa, while he watches over Koichi. As the two make their way toward the hospital, Koichi thanks Eraser Head, while he explains his plan is to meet up with the police and Midnight, and turn Koichi over to the authorities then, reminding him that he’ll break his legs if he tries to run.

Koichi runs to the hospital under Eraser Head's orders.

Just then, the two notice a trio of civilians yelling for help on the curb, and stop to try and help them. The other three heroes also notice other civilians yelling for help. Once the group is distracted, Number 6 gleefully calls for Phase Four of their Operation, and his scar starts to light up. Koichi and Eraser Head reach the "civilians", revealing themselves to be the Anonymous. The villains then start to explode across the city, with Number 6 describing them as living booby traps. Eraser Head and Koichi quickly regain their stance, with the former noticing their similarities to the Bombers, only having weaker explosions and being much more combat-capable. Koichi tries to shoot them with a repulsion blast, but the villains keep charging completely unfazed. Eraser Head uses his Erasure to delay their explosions long enough to knock them away.

Soon as an army of Anonymous appear and start to surround the two, Eraser Head tells Koichi to make his escape while he distracts them. He tells him that he is a school teacher now, looking after 20 students who are always getting into trouble that he can’t take his eyes off of, declaring that fighting this pack of villains is a piece of cake in comparison. Turning one last time to Koichi, he tells him to deliver a message to Naomasa, that they are up against Bomber Villains, that an unknown quantity have infiltrated the town, and that they are looking to resolve the issue. Koichi speeds off in the other direction, leaving Eraser Head to face the Anonymous.

Chapter Notes

  • The faceless beings controlled by Number 6 are revealed to be known as the Anonymous, capable of disrupting communications and blending into society, as well as exploding, having been created with Bomber Villain cells.
  • Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Ingenium develop a plan to get word outside the city, while Eraser Head, and an in-custody Koichi, head to the hospital to tell Naomasa Tsukauchi directly.
  • Phase 4 of "Operation Anonymous" takes into effect, as the Anonymous start to self-destruct and overpower the Heroes.
    • Eraser Head distracts a group of them long enough for Koichi to escape and complete their objective.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Anonymous (アノニマス Anonimasu?) but was amended for the volume release.
  • This is the first chapter since Chapter 12, to feature a color page.

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