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Team-Up Missions: The Prequel (チームアップミッション: (ぜん) (じつ) (たん) Chīmu Appu Misshon: Zenjitsutan?) is a preview chapter for My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama.


The Hero Public Safety Commission is holding a press conference sometime after All Might's retirement. The President announces that with it more villainy will rise, therefore, the current Pro Heroes must work alongside the next generation of heroes. It is announced a new program called "Team-Up Missions" will be introduced to students.

Hawks mocks that the Pros should be focusing on more important matters but is interrupted for his tone; he comments that he never said he wouldn't join up. The other Pro Hero attendees love the idea and can't wait to participate. The President announces this will be a project involving the whole country, and encourages all educational institution and hero agencies to summit a participation form by the deadline.

At U.A. High School, All Might asks Shota Aizawa if they're going participate, to which Shota confirms. All Might is excited to tell the students, but realizes the participation form is still at school and the deadline is at 5 p.m. today. All Might rushes out and takes a cab to send the form. On the way, he spots an elder being mugged and debates helping him or just ignoring it completely. All Might ends up helping the man, scaring the robber off by transforming into his muscular form, but gets caught by civilians surrounding him.

All Might runs to deliver the participation form on time.

After the fiasco is over, All Might realizes he will be late to the Hero Public Safety Commission, with the cab driver saying it'll take over an hour due to traffic and accidents. All Might, not wanting to miss the opportunity, starts sprinting for the sake of his students. He arrives just on time but spots a closed sign. He first blames his watch, then himself that his students will miss this great opportunity. He calls Shota and gives him the bad news, which Shota replies he had already submitted it days ago. Shota explains to a distraught All Might that he sent a digital scan online and left the original copy at U.A. for reference. Shota reassures him he tends to overwork himself, and All Might thanks him.

The following day, All Might announces to Class 1-A, due to them all having their Provisional Hero Licenses, that they now can participate in Team-Up Missions. All Might gives them a summary of the program and explains it's a way to increase teamwork and communications within the Heroes. Tsuyu wonders if students from Shiketsu High School and Ketsubutsu Academy High School will be joining too, which All Might responds they will. He tells the class everyone has already been assigned their first mission and hands each of them their envelope. Izuku is shocked to find out his teammates for his first mission while everyone else begins to chatter about their own.

After class, Katsuki is upset about his mission "Team" when Shoto interrupts him and tells him they might get partnered too. Katsuki responds to spare him. Later, in the teacher lounge, All Might is on the computer reviewing all the upcoming Team-Up Missions and is shocked to learn a familiar face will be visiting U.A. Several students are each seen prepping for their respective missions, as Izuku prepares to sleep, excited to begin his first Team-Up Mission.

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