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Central Hospital (セントラル病院 Sentoraru Byōin?) is a health care institution located in Tokyo. The hospital is considered the best place for state-of-the-art medical care.[1]


The Central Hospital is a huge building located in the middle of the city, rising above the surrounding buildings.


The interior looks like a normal hospital, although it has more advanced equipment for treating patients.


Several years ago, when Toya Todoroki began to show burns on his body due his Quirk, Enji and Rei took their son to Central Hospital to discuss his condition. The doctor explains that while Toya had inherited the powerful fire Quirk from Enji, unfortunately he also inherited his mother's physical condition, meaning his body was meant to withstand freezing temperatures but not fire.[2]


Paranormal Liberation War Arc

In order to win favor with the League of Villains by killing a Hero, Hawks convinced Best Jeanist to help fake his death. Inspired by the designs of the Nomu, Central Hospital put Best Jeanist into a "death-like state", allowing Hawks to trick the Villains. Shortly before the Paranormal Liberation War, Hawks secretly sent the body back to Central Hospital, who then revived Best Jeanist back to normal.[3]

After Oboro Shirakumo's re-awakening within the Nomu, Kurogiri, it was decided to secretly transfer him and the other Nomu in custody from Tartarus to Central Hospital for restorative research.[4]

In the aftermath of the War, the heroes were unable to prevent Tomura Shigaraki and several of his allies from escaping, which resulted in several of them who participated being killed in the conflict, as well as many being fatally wounded. Most of these wounded heroes were taken to Central Hospital for their recovery treatment.[1]

Thanks to the cutting-edge medical treatment and Recovery Girl's arrival at the hospital, a large number of patients recovered and were discharged, even despite the seemingly deadly injuries.[5]

Known Patients


  • The design of several of the Central Hospital doctors are based on characters from the Super Mario franchise.
    • The doctor who takes care of Shota Aizawa is based on Yoshi.[1]
    • The doctor who takes care of Enji Todoroki is based on Toad.[6]
    • The doctor who takes care of Izuku Midoriya is based on Mario.[5]


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