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Cemedine (セメダイン Semedain?)[1] is the Quirk used by Kojiro Bondo.


Cemedine allows the user to spray a glue-like liquid from the holes in their head.

Once it hits something, the glue will either harden up and trap whatever it makes contact with or make it sticky and dangerous to touch. Kojiro can adjust the speed at which his glue dries.[2]

Acid is able to dissolve Cemedine.

Named Super Moves

Glue Squall.gif Glue Squall (グルースコール Gurūsukōru?): Kojiro fires off his adhesive over a large surface area, causing that region to become sticky, prohibiting movement should one come into contact with it. First used during the Joint Training Arc.[2]


  • "CEMEDINE CO., LTD" is a real-life Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing and selling adhesive products.[3]


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