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Carolina Smash (カロライナスマッシュ Karoraina Sumasshu?) is an Ultimate Move performed by All Might using the One For All Quirk.[1]


All Might starts this attack by folding his arms into an "X" shape and diving toward his target. He uses the momentum from his movement and releases extreme force through a double chop attack.

All Might first used this move against Nomu, but it was able to absorb the impact.[1] Carolina Smash's true power was showcased in All Might's battle with Wolfram, where it obliterated the villain's iron defense.[2] All Might back at his time studying abroad in America, has been seen using this move that created wind pressure that redirected missiles to make them collide with each other.



  • Unlike other attacks Carolina Smash does not directly refer to a single state in the U.S. but rather two: North and South Carolina. Given that this attack is a two-handed chop it can be assumed that one hand represents one Carolina and the other hand represents the other.
  • Carolina Smash is featured as a technique for Toshinori in Jump Force.


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