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Provisional Hero License Exam Arc[]

Camie doesn't remember anything

"OMG! I slept for, like, four days!"

Sometime before the Provisional Hero License Exam, Camie Utsushimi was drugged by the League of Villains and Himiko Toga stole her blood in order to impersonate her with her Quirk during the exams.[1]

Camie was asleep for four days, and when she woke up, she was surprised to know that she participated in the exam even though she doesn't remember anything, although due to her upbeat personality, she doesn't care. This event is investigated by Shiketsu High School following the exam.[2]

Remedial Course Arc[]

Real Camie Utsushimi

Camie introduces herself.

Camie is given the chance to gain her provisional license through the remedial training course. She joins Inasa and Seiji at the selected gymnasium where she meets Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo. She expresses her excitement to undergo training alongside Shoto. She even tries to flirt in order to get Shoto's number. Inasa comments that she has good interaction techniques.[3]

Gang Orca and Yokumiru Mera escort the students to the main gym after they change into their hero costumes. Camie introduces herself to the rest of the remedial students and Yokumiru explains her situation. Gang Orca belittles Inasa, Katsuki, and Shoto for failing the original licensing exam. He says they lack heart and challenges the trio plus Camie to win the hearts of the troubled children from Masegaki Academy.

The girls ignore Camie

The girls ignore Camie.

Camie asks why she has to undergo the trial and Gang Orca simply replies she's probably a no good hero just like the others. Camie decides it is no big deal since she likes kids and hugs one of the children into her boobs. One of the little girls pinches Camie's butt out of jealousy and tells her to stop acting so seductively. She tries to befriend the girls, but like her fellow heroes in training, her words fall on deaf ears.[2]

Camie admits she has no idea how to win over the children as the little girls reject and hiss at her. Katsuki, Shoto and Inasa's attempts to win them over fail as well. Even so, Camie was inspired by Shoto's attempt. Camie tells them the kids are more troubled than she anticipated. She suggests the team try to show the kids who they are by using their Quirks. The children respond by attacking with powerful Quirks of their own.[4]

Camie befriends the Masegaki girls

Camie befriends the troubled little girls.

The heroes in training endure the attack. Instead of responding aggressively, they use their Quirks to wow the kids. One little girl tries to shoot Shoto with her Queen Beam so Camie creates an illusion of a nicer version of Shoto to calm her down. The team manages to use their Quirks to win over the kids by playing nicely with them to counter their aggression.[5]

Everyone cleans up the playground Shoto and Inasa created and Camie thanks Katsuki for using his explosions to help. Camie says goodbye to the little girls and tells them they can talk again on the phone in the future. Having passed the trial, Camie and the other heroes in training are dismissed by Gang Orca and exit the building.

Camie finds Seiji talking to All Might outside and says it is symbolic. He gets angry and their teacher explains Shiketsu will work with U.A. to catch the villain who stole Camie's identity. Just before the Shiketsu students leave, Camie notices Inasa punch himself in the face before confronting Endeavor.[5]

Meta Liberation Army Arc[]

In early December, after months of training under the supervision of Gang Orca, Camie and the other students of the course participate in the final lesson of the Remedial Course to obtain their Provisional Hero Licenses.[6]

Endeavor Agency Arc[]

Following the commission's instructions that all the students heroes to undergo practical field training, Camie participates in the second Hero Work-Studies with her schoolmates Seiji and Inasa.[7]

Final War Arc[]

Camie rides into battle

"If I'd been a skosh later... you woulda unalive'd that certified hottie I'm simping for. Not very fetch of you, no cap."

With the remaining Heroes preparing for the Final War against an army of villains led by All For One, Camie and the other Hero Course students from Shiketsu were tasked in accompanying the evacuees at U.A. through the tunnels that connected the two schools. However, since nobody showed up, they assumed that something went wrong and decided to help out in the battle. They arrived at the Gunga Mountain Ruins where the Heroes are being overrun by a swarm of Twice Doubles.

Just as Hawks was about to be killed by All For One, she and Seiji arrive just in time to save him. While Seiji rescues the real Hawks, Camie creates an illusion of Hawks in place of the latter, right before revealing herself to All For One, mocking him with her typical slang, while riding one of Seiji's Meatballs. Inasa proceeds to unleash a massive Whirlwind that sucks up the Twice Double swarm, which she is impressed by.[8]

Shiketsu High joins the battle at Gunga

Camie and the Shiketsu Hero students have joined the battle.

As the students look toward All For One, Camie is surprised to see All For One now having a face, while Seiji remarks how the villain killed his father when he broke out of Tartarus, and while he would like to kill him in revenge, he knows they can't let themselves give into their hatred since they will be playing right into his hands. The rest of the reinforcements arrive, revealing that Izuku and Tomura have escaped the U.A. cage, so they must stop the chaos now at all costs, subduing Himiko and her Twice Doubles, as well as focusing all their ranged attacks on All For One.

All For One proceeds to fight back by unleashing a massive laser explosion, decimating the battlefield below, but the Heroes stand their ground, keeping their defense strong and continue attacking, especially now that he's stopped running away. All For One monologues about the Heroes' futility in success and his rise during his golden era, but everyone refuses to listen and continue to fight, throwing their attacks into Inasa's Whirlwind that consumes him. All For One then unleashes another onslaught of Rivet Stabs that manage to slice part of Inasa's face, taking out his left eye, yet despite being injured, still refuses to back down.

While the Heroes have been attacking, Fumikage Tokoyami has been amassing his Dark Shadow to reach its monstrous peak and achieved Total Release, which directly faces against All For One, and boosted by Inasa's Whirlwind, pulverizes All For One down right into the ground.[9]

Sad Man's Death Parade

Camie and the Heroes are consumed by the endless Twice Double swarm.

As Fumikage continues his assault on All For One, Kyoka Jiro yells out to the Heroes to cover up Dark Shadow and block out any source of light, with Camie suggesting she use her Quirk to create an aurora sky to help. They continue to provide darkness while dealing with the Twice Doubles, when suddenly, All For One unleashes a massive nuclear explosion that blasts away Dark Shadow, greatly diminishing him once again. Now looking visibly younger, he uses his Quirks to blast his way out of the battlefield. The Heroes give chase, refusing to let him escape, when Gigantomachia suddenly arrives on the battlefield, seemingly turning the tide for All For One, but instead the beast attacks his master, as he is now brainwashed by Hitoshi Shinso.[10]

While the Heroes chase after All For One, Camie and several others stay behind to fend off against the endless Twice Double swarm. Himiko and her Doubles are able to gain the upper hand as she unleashes Sad Man's Death Parade, increasing the volume of clones fueled by her anger and rage. Camie, Seiji, and the rest of the Heroes find themselves consumed by the ocean of Doubles while still struggling to fight back.[11] Fortunately, Ochaco manages to use her newly Quirk Awakening abilities to lift up all the Double ocean into the air long enough for the Transformation to wear off, and the Double ocean vanishes into thin air.[12]

Shortly afterward, Shota Aizawa has gained control over "Kurogiri" and is gathering up all the Heroes to provide reinforcements for the final remaining battles. Realizing they need all the help they can get, and learning they'll be able to instantly arrive on the battlefield, Camie and the Hero Course students of Shinketsu High volunteers to teleport to Mt. Fuji where Izuku and Tomura are currently battling.[13] Camie and her classmates have also been teleported to the battlefield so they can help Izuku defeat "All For One". With all the Heroes assembled, they declare "We are here!"[14]

As Izuku rushes forward, "All For One" unleashed a horde of Quirks, blasting away every Hero who tries to stop him, but they keep on countering against his attacks. Vlad King laments that nothing's hitting because he's too tough, and Camie points out that unlike last time, he's not falling for her illusions. Shota then calls out to the Heroes through their comms, telling them to help Izuku carve a straight path to Tomura.[15]


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