Tsuyu's Ribbity Diary ( () () ちゃんのけろけろ (にっ) () Tsuyu-chan no Kerokero Nikki?) is a bonus chapter published along with Chapter 84 in Weekly Shonen Jump's 17th Issue of 2016.


Tsuyu Asui introduces her family: Ganma Asui, her father; Beru Asui, her mother; Samidare Asui, her younger brother; and Satsuki Asui, her younger sister.

Tsuyu's mother and father had to travel for work often and as a result, they did not have much time to raise their young children. As a result, Tsuyu was left with the responsibility of raising Samidare and Satsuki such as making dinner for them. Although it was tough raising her younger siblings, Tsuyu still found her life to be wonderful.

Two years ago before starting at U.A. High School, Tsuyu's hero studies at her middle school piled up and she did not have free time for herself. Tsuyu's busy schedule, as well as her frog-like appearance, made it difficult for her to make friends. During her time at middle school, another student also had difficulty making friends, Habuko Mongoose, started stalking Tsuyu. Habuko often used her Quirk, which paralyzed for three seconds whoever she looked at, on Tsuyu. Despite this, Tsuyu was not bothered by Habuko's stalking because she could understand her since they were both lonely.

One day, Tsuyu mustered up the courage and asked Habuko to be friends. Habuko was touched by Tsuyu's kindness and agreed to be friends with Tsuyu. Eventually, Tsuyu and Habuko graduated from their middle school, but went to different high schools.

Two years later, the day after school began, Tsuyu receives a message from Habuko which states that she made new friends at her new high school and next time she will introduce them to her. Even though they ended up going to different high schools, Tsuyu notes that she will always be friends with Habuko. Tsuyu decides that, like Habuko, she will make lots of friends at her new high school as well.

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