Hawksòvó Hawksòvó 17 days ago

My favorite pictures/characters (sorry i'm just bored)

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 13 March

Quirks in My Hero Academia that resembles a Jutsu from Naruto

I have recently been watching Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series, I haven't watched the original series I have only watch clips and some other videos and TikToks. I've watch an episode or a movie a while back. I have seen a few Quirks in My Hero Academia resemble one of the Jutsu's in Naruto. I'll name them

Izuku's father Hisashi Midoriya is reveal to have a fire breathing quirk. That quirk reminds me of the as it involves shooting fire out their mouths.

Ectoplasm has a quirk that creates Doppelgänger of themselves. That quirk reminds me of the as it involves creating duplicates of themselves. Plus when the clones disperse it poofs like a cloud or a fog.

Jin Bubaigawara's Quirk Double works like Clones does as it also involves creating d…

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Slipshot17 Slipshot17 7 March

Mirio Togata vrs Denki Kaminari

ok so i was rewatching mha and i just had an epiphany that if Kaminari and togata fought most likely Kaminari would win bc when we first meet Kaminari and his quirk he says that he can coat his entire body with electricity so when ever togata trys to punch Kaminari he will get electrocuted. Granted, this whole plan relies on Kaminari being willing to get pummeled but its really the only way to beat him bc togata is so precice with his quirk. Any thoughts?

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Lincdiamonds Lincdiamonds 7 March

Unnamed Heroes.


I was just wondering what people think the quirks of some unknown heroes are. Like Toy-Toy who appeared in a bunch of chapters as a background hero, or some of the many heroes we see fighting in the PLW.

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The Space Hero: Thirteen

Did anyone else notice in episode 9 during the U.S.J incident in the anime that Thirteen doesn't have a body at all?! If Thirteen doesn't have a body, how can they (I'm just calling Thirteen *they* because I don't know if they are a male or female) talk?

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Rainyydaygrace Rainyydaygrace 28 February

All For One is Deku's Father Theory

This post may contain spoilers so if you haven't finished the anime/ manga I'd suggest you stop here.

I think All for One is Izuku Midoriya's dad. Maybe Midoriya actually did have a quirk when he was born, but All for One stole it (on purpose or by accident). We don't know yet if All for One's quirk removes the pinky toe feature or not so it could be why Deku had two joints to show he was quirkless, when really he got it stolen when he was a child.

I have another side note to this theory: if Deku did get his quirk stolen, would it still be added to One for All or is it completely gone from his body- also if he got his quirk back from All for One, would it still be added to One for All or not because it's technically not his (or if he got his…

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Evantgse Evantgse 23 February

all for one is hisashi midoriya

well we all have heard this theory but here is a small amount of supporting evidence 1 horikoshi loves star wars there are a lot of refrences in the manga from area and city names to the story structure 2 the story structure of mha is based ton the original trilogy deku is luke not letting anyone stop him from getting his dreams all might takes deku under his wing to train him like obi wan trained luke deku also deku seeks more teaching from a short old and mysterious teacher gran torino like luke did with yoda and if you think afo does not like to have family he ciuld have had a meaningful relationship with inko and had deku but took his quirk in fear that it could harm his son but left because of his first fight with all might and said …

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 18 February

Purple Flames in My Hero Academia

So Purple Flames? If you didn't know fire is my favorite element. Since it's known that Toya's Cremation is a stronger version of Endeavor's Hellflame. Since in Episode 30 it's known that Hellflame can turn blue. Is it possible that Hellflame can turn purple? Most people say that Blue flames are the hottest flame color. But their wrong as fit turns out purple flames are even hotter than blue. Purple flames burn up to 39400°C (71000°F) that's hotter than blue flames. It's known that Burnin has an unnamed fire based quirk. Though I don't know what it does in the anime and I haven't really seen it in the manga. I don't really know if Shoto could turn the flames into a different color in his Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk. It is known that Hisashi M…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 17 February

Could Recipro Extend be for a burst of momentum for other Super Moves

Since I saw My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising when I saw Katsuki Bakugo use Explode-A-Pult to make St. Louis Smash deadlier. Explode-A-Pult is known to have a capability for support that made St. Louis Smash deadlier. I thought could Recipro Extend have that capability? Maybe it does or maybe it doesn't. I could possible even say that Recipro Turbo could be even deadiler.

If Recipro Extend could be used to a certain person from Class 1-A like Mashirao Ojiro and Izuku Midoriya. With Mashirao his Tornado Tail Dance or Fist of the Tail: Swamp Smack Spin could be deadlier. With Izuku his St. Louis Smash and his Manchester Smash will be faster and deadlier. Shoot Style combined with Recipro Extend would be a great combination and along with othe…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 16 February

Did Ochaco's Parents live with her

Since watch the My Hero Academia (Anime) many times, Ochaco Uraraka has became one of my favorite characters along with Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki and maybe a few others. Since finding out from the U.A. Sports Festival Arc that Ochaco was poor and became a hero for the money to give back to her parents. Then later in the manga chapter 212 she would later become a hero to help a hero in need. Since I watch this video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq39P_HY3S0 I have been really confused if Ochaco's parents really did or did not live with her when she was young.

I don't really know if Ochaco's parents lived in their own place or with Ochaco when she was young. Because it was neither confirmed or denied. In Chapter 212 it's known …

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Anomouys12323 Anomouys12323 9 February

First blog post-Mha facts

  • Spoiler alert! If you have not watched seasons 1-7 do not scroll because of spoilers!*

Facts about bakugo/ground zero- 1.If you have been watching the show or reading the comics when ever bakugo isnt wearing his uniform or all might hoodie(He wore an all might hoodie in Season 1 episode 1 posibly 2)he is wearing a skull shirt as seen in season 6-7. 2.Birthday is April 20th 3.Stats Power: 5/5 A Speed: 4/5 B Technique: 5/5 A Intelligence: 4/5 B Cooperativeness: 1/5 E 4.In season 1 or 2 I think possibly 3 Bakugo was paired up with Ida in the hero's vs. villain's practice and deku was paired up with uraka. Bakugo and Ida were chosen as the villain's and deku and uraka were chosen as the heros,but when they went inside it turned into bakugo vs. de…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 8 February

If AFO and Kyudai wanted to create their own OFA

So I have brainstormed on this for hours. What if All For One and Kyudai Garaki decided not to take One For All anymore. As in what they decided to create a Quirk similar or closely mimic OFA. I think if they were to create their own version of OFA, they would need a bunch of quirks to combine in a person or a Nomu. Creating their own version of OFA will be either deciding that they don't need it anymore or that they have their own version of it.

Since it's known that Kyudai Garaki or Daruma Ujiko can create a copy version of someone's quirk. For AFO and Kyudai to wanting to steal OFA from Izuku and not realizing that they can create their own version of it. It's like they AFO wanted to combined OFA with the AFO quirk. Or that AFO wanted it …

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 8 February

Why One For All will never be taken by an All For One user

So if some of you guys have read the events from the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, remember when Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki were in the vestige world. And a half fused All For One and Tomura, and AFO tried to steal One For All with a half fused Tomura attempting to use rage and power to take OFA. And when the 1st and 7th user of OFA came in to stop AFO from taking OFA. I have seen some videos saying that if a AFO user has enough power and rage, they could take OFA. However I have brainstormed a counter argument or theory for why OFA cannot ever be taken.

I have strongly believed that if the will to resist is stronger than the AFO users power and anger OFA cannot be stolen. I think if Izuku or the previous users will is to resist o…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 4 February

Class 1-A tag team Super Move idea

Since Ochaco and Tsuyu had a tag team Super Move called Meteor Fafrotskies. I have also though of what if more members of Class 1-A, had Combination Super Moves. I'm not going to create a name or maybe I'll name them, I don't know. So what if more of Class 1-A's students had more Combination Super Moves. Now here the list of all the members of Class 1-A.

Memembers of Class 1-A

Mina Ashido
Tenya Ida
Mashirao Ojiro
Eijiro Kirishima
Rikido Sato
Kyoka Jiro
Fumikage Tokoyami
Toru Hagakure
Izuku Midoriya
Momo Yaoyorozu

So what if they teamed up for a Super move what would it be? I'm also not going to have Grape-Pinky Combo Mineta-Bounce. But I'll allow new ideas.

  • 1 Izuku Midoyriya
    • 1.1 Izuku and Tenya
    • 1.2 Izuku and Ochaco
    • 1.3 Izuku and Hanta
    • 1.4 Izuku and Eijiro
  • 2 Tsuyu…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 3 February

My Hero Academia Easter Eggs

Every time I have watched an My Hero Academia Episode I have either some Easter Eggs. However finding them all will take a long time so I'll name a few. Or add more later.

When escaped and went outside of the U.S.J and went to alert the heroes. He said a quote "I. Famous quote from The Flash.

During the fight with Hood Endeavor said "Gotta go Fast" famous quote from Sonic The Hedgehog

After the Izuku Midoriya vs. Katsuki Bakugo fight Katsuki calling Izuku "Chosen One" is either refencing to from Star Wars or from Harry Potter

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Shigg1isyes Shigg1isyes 1 February


Sooo i got some theories...

What if nobody is quirkless... They just have a quirk that isn't noticeable, easy to recognize/use, or maybe they just develop it later in life but just accept the fact they are quirkless.

Toga and Monoma are related? I've heard many theories about them being related. The fact that blondes aren't natural, and that their quirks both copy something. They both seem to come from rich families... But just because they're both blonde and might be related does NOT mean every blonde is related (ex. Muscular is Bakugo's uncle:> )

I also wrote a theory of what Deku's quirk might be if he wasn't quirkless: Fire moving. Deku can basically move fire. He can store it in his body and release it. However, if he stores it for too …

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PheonixGriffon PheonixGriffon 31 January

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

My weeb friend asked me this and I honestly don't know. Help.

So, if tetsutetsu activates his quirk, and you light a fire around him, would he melt?

I honestly don't know and I've been thinking about this for the last hour. Help!

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 30 January

How did the 1st user of OFA know that he had the ability to transfer quirks

It's unsure how the first user of One For All had the ability to to transfer his quirk through DNA. It's not sure how he found out how he had the ability to transfer his quirk. But how he found out that it could be from these three things. He either found out that he could pass on his quirk from either that someone told him or that his brother tried to steal his quirk but failed to do that or when he got the stockpiling quirk.

So if anyone who think that the second user of OFA is Katsuki Bakugo I still find that ridiculous as a theory at all. Because MHA doesn't seem to involve time travel in the story. So I don't know how that the 1st user was able to find out that he could pass on quirks. It's possible that the 1st could find out when he …

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 25 January

If the Hero Killer came across some with in the rare blood type group

Ever since we first saw Hero Killer: Stain and when we all saw the fight with Deku, Ingenium, and Shoto during the Vs. Hero Killer Arc. And we first seen his Bloodcurdle Quirk. A quirk that can freeze someone with a small tasted of their blood. We have seen it done to someone with Type A,B, and O when we first saw him in battle. We know that he can freeze someone with O, A, AB, and B. We know that Type B blood is the longest 8 minutes and someone with Type O blood is the shortest my guess is somewhere around 4 minutes or less. And anyone with type A and AB blood are somewhere in the middle between 4-8 minutes. I have wondered if Someone within the rare blood group was to be effected by Stain's bloodcurdle quirk.

Now I have went on the wiki …

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Keigosimp13 Keigosimp13 25 January

dabi head canon

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 24 January

What are the Quirks of the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th of One For All going to be

Alright since the 4th user's Quirk Danger Sense was revealed in Chapter 295 the name of it. I have wondered what would all the other quirks from the pervious users of One For All. Since Danger Sense takes reference to Marvel's character Spider-Man's Spider-Sense. Since then I have wondered what would Deku's next quirks will be. But the quirks of the pervious users of One For All are random. The first quirk that came was Blackwhip. Which I think reference to Spider-Man's webs or Wonder Woman's Lasso or maybe one of Batman's gadgets. The next quirk that showed up was Float that allowed anyone to hover (levitate or suspend doesn't matter) in mid-air. Which I think reference to many Marvel and DC characters who can fly. If I'm right and Horiko…

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Ajaxorix Ajaxorix 24 January

First OFA User.

Why has nobody made a wiki page for the first user of one for all?! He has some personality, we know his last name, his quirk, and some of his history?

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Superant232 Superant232 23 January

Who else is hype for Season 5


I have read the manga, but I can't wait for anime.

Who else is with me?

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 22 January

The names of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th users of One For All (Prediction)

So I know that some people have an idea or a theory on what the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th users of One For All. There names does have something to do with Kanji or Nanori in numbers. And that Horikoshi combines them in one name, but however I am not Horikoshi so I would have no idea on what he would name his characters. And I'm only going to reveal the Kanji or Nanori for them. Also please know I have trouble when it came to Nanori reading, I couldn't find how the numbers work. I should maybe probably change the title to "The kanji in the names of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th users of One For All"

  • 1 The 1st User
  • 2 The 2nd User
  • 3 The 3rd User
  • 4 The 4th User
  • 5 The 6th User
  • 6 Conclusion

So as we all know that the first user of One For All is the brother …

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Bakugousbabyboy Bakugousbabyboy 20 January

kirishima is a sweet baby

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Beautyandthemuffin Beautyandthemuffin 20 January


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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 19 January

If members of Class 1-A was have an awaken quirk

So I'm had some ideas of what Class 1-A's students having awaken Quirk. I might have an idea for what there awaken Quirk might be. But if you have an idea that you can leave a comment and I'll share that idea. Since members of the League of Villains or the Paranormal Liberation Front are getting awaken quirks. I'm gonna brainstorm the idea for Class 1-A's quirks. I'm doing Class 1-A because that class is the main focus in the anime/manga. Sorry if your Class 1-B fans. Also I tried to brainstorm some of the members of Class A who have mutant class quirks. And I tried to brainstorm an improvement if they had a quirk awakening. Also I think that some quirk would go through an evolution so I'll also call it Quirk Evolution fitting side name or…

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Random0animestuff Random0animestuff 15 January

Shifting to mha

So this is for all of y'all who are trying to shift to mha (don't worry i am too) This is going to pretty much be about what shifting is, how to script and how too shift. Hope you'll enjoy!!!!

So first what is shifting: Shifting is moving your subconscious (your mind) to another reality. This reality can be anything you want, as long as you can think of it, it exists. If you need some help understanding, some people like too think of it as lucid dreaming (although it's not the same thing) Shifting is 100% safe and it's impossible to get "stuck" there. On top of that it feels 100% real and everything would feel the same as it does right now.

Next thing too talk about is what some shifting terms mean:

CR= current reality (where you are right no…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 13 January

What if there was no Hero Billboard Chart

So this is an interesting theory I have in mind. And this theory have many questions.

What if there was no Hero Billboard Chart, no rankings. What would the world of My Hero Academia be like? Every Pro Heroes out there fighting without a ranking. With a rank would All Might be the symbol of peace as he dreamed of before he got One For All? Would Toshinori be the Symbol of Peace if he wasn't the No.1 Hero? Since we knew that All Might was the No.1 Hero we know that Enji Todoroki came in second to All Might. We knew that he was bitter and had desired to to create a child stronger that his Hellflame Quirk going through the Quirk Marriage we all know he did. So if there were no Hero rankings would Endeavor would he be bitter and an anger person…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 12 January

Class 1-A support item ideas

I had some ideas of on what some of Class 1-A using Support Items. Now I'm not gonna do all of the students with in Class 1-A because I think that some of the members in 1A need support items and some of them don't need them but I'm sure what kind of support item that some of them will need. I have seen Vocal Pineapple Academia's videos for Hero Costume Upgrades and I'll link the videos later. And I'll link the artist daruartworks who drew some upgrade ideas. And if I can't find them all then I apologies that I can't find them all.

  • 1 Izuku Midoriya
  • 2 Katsuki Bakugo
  • 3 Shoto Todoroki
  • 4 Ochaco Uraraka
  • 5 Fumikage Tokoyami
  • 6 Tenya Ida
  • 7 Kyoka Jiro
  • 8 Momo Yaoyorozu
  • 9 Yuga Aoyama
  • 10 Links
    • 10.1 Fanart form daruartworks
    • 10.2 Videos from Vocal Pineapple

Vocal Pineapple has …

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Panama wise Panama wise 8 January

Season 5 cast

Well with Season 5 being announced I want to see who will voice the upper brass of the Meta Liberation Army.

My picks are

Re-Destro: Brian Mathias

Curious: Marissa Lenti

Skeptic: Spike Spencer

Trumpet: Bruce Carey

Geten: Robbie Daymond

who do you think would be perfect.

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 8 January

My confusion on Recipro Turbo

Alright since I read the manga Chapter 203 - 204 and watched the My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising movie and when I heard about Recipro Turbo and I have read the description and usage on in it. I was left with only two questions on my mind. It mostly has something to do with how it works. The part about the mufflers as mostly gotten me confused. There are two questions that I'm gonna share.

So one of the fact that Tenya could use Recipro Turbo like Recipro Burst. Does the Ida family have to remove their mufflers once to use Recipro Turbo? Do they just have to remove their mufflers once and they could use Recipro Turbo when ever they want like Recipro Burst? Or Recipro Extend or Engine Boost or Rocket Charge?

When I first read Recipro Turbo an…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 6 January

What if Shoto's Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk was different sides

So I have thought of this for a while and what if Shoto's Half-Cold Half-Hot was on different sides? Like what if the Ice on his Right-Side was the flames and the flames on his Left-Sides was the Ice? Would this mean his quirk will still be called Half-Cold Half-Hot? Or will it be called Half-Hot Half-Cold?

I don't know if there other people with a fusion Quirk like Shoto does I'm not counting Bakugo's Quirk because it's a combination of both of his parents Quirk but it only a one power thing not two power thing. However there other people in the world of My Hero Academia who might have a Fire Type Quirk other than Enji Todoroki and Toya Todoroki who have Hellflame and Cremation. And during the intro of every My Hero Academia Episode it has…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 5 January

How does Quirk Awakening even work

Since Chapter 234 it's revealed that some Quirk can be awaken. And this awakening with Quirks has left me with a some question. I know that to in a life threating situation is one of the ways to awaken a quirk.

  • 1 Do you have to be in a life threating situation again to get it to work again?
  • 2 Temporary or Permeant
    • 2.1 Beyblade Burst
      • 2.1.1 Valkyrie
      • 2.1.2 Imperial Dragon
  • 3 Is there any other way to awaken a Quirk besides a life-or-death situation
  • 4 Do you have to get a Sub-Type Quirk to Awaken a Quirk
  • 5 Conclusion

Since Himiko Toga went through an "awakening" when she Transform into Ochaco Uraraka and she is able to use her quirk Zero Gravity. And after that she hasn't use her quirk again after that. I have wonder if you need to be life threating situation a…

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JdragonB JdragonB 29 December 2020

When Izuku goes into Full Cowl, lightning emits around his body. Can he use somehow learn to manipulate that lightning.

Okay so one weird thing about Izuku using One For All. Full Cowl is basically Izuku spreading One For All throughout his entire body. When he does this green sparks of lightning are emitted around his body. It gives him enhanced speed, enhanced strength, enhanced strength and enhanced agility. Could he possibly learn to manipulate that lightning just like Denki does? Denki's quirk also consists of lightning which he can manipulate at will. Izuku can learn about lightning control from Denki enable him to somehow throw lightning bolts and do other sort of epic things. If this were to happen I can't wait to see how it goes.

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 27 December 2020

Why doesn't Izuku have a Notebook to analysis Villain's

This will not be prediction or theory blog. This is has been a question that has been on my mind for a while. Since Izuku Midoriya has a notebook called Hero Analysis for the Future. The only question I'd had on my mind is. Why doesn't Izuku not have a notebook for the villains!!?? He had 13 notes for Hero Analysis and NOT A SINGLE NOTEBOOK FOR VILLAIN ANALYSIS!? If Deku had a notebook like this for villains he would be able to have records of many villains quirks and super moves. And yet he still doesn't have any notebooks for villains? I know that he uses the Hero Analysis for the Future is something that Deku uses to make himself a better hero but if he had a notebook to record any Villains. He could use that knowledge to make himself a …

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ChrisCanul ChrisCanul 24 December 2020

Smash!! Volume clean up

Hi, so big MHA guy here, obviously. I'm trying to reorganize my MHA collection from the English release date of the volumes to the Japanese release date of the volumes (makes the canon make more sense), however I literally cannot find any credible sources of when the 5 Smash!! Volumes released in Japan. I also think this would be good for the wiki itself, since right now the Smash!! page is just a stub... thanks!!

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 24 December 2020

Could Izuku create copies or a weak verison of One For All

This will contain future predictions and theories after the Paranormal Liberation War Arc and some examples from other animes and some things that All Might (Toshinori Yagi) said to Izuku Midoriya after the fight with the Hero Killer: Stain. And this will beware a waring to anime watchers only. If only watch the anime and not read the manga. This could be a spoiler for my predictions and theories after the War Arc. So you have been warned and please read this at your own risk.

  • 1 Giving a copy of One For All
  • 2 Giving a different version of One For All
    • 2.1 Beyblade
  • 3 Conclusion

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc it was revealed that All For One has given the Original All For One (Quirk) to Tomura Shigaraki. While All For One has a copy or a dup…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 24 December 2020

What could One For All's Stockpiling ability do

Since One For All's Stockpiling ability is to stockpile power. I have wonder of what else could the stockpiling ability could do. Besides it stockpiles power and builds up after it's passed on. I am coming up with theories and predictions of what the stockpiling ability could do.

Since Kyudai Garaki can create a copy of someone's quirk and is able to give someone a copy of that quirk. I'm not sure what would happen if Izuku ate the DNA of his Classmates. It was revealed that the quirks of the processor of One For All that Izuku having their quirks is much stronger than the processors original had it. Again I don't know what would happend if Izuku ate something that was related to DNA of his classmate, I don't know if it would either take, c…

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Jon825lazery7 Jon825lazery7 22 December 2020

Dabi and Shoto

I feel like something should be said about Dabi and Shoto.

Dabi and Shoto both served harsh treatment from their father so they would surpass All Might. However, Shoto had forgiven and soften up around him but Dabi let his hared consume to where he became a villain to ruin his father's reputation.

As such, Dabi serves as Shoto's dark reflection if he would have let his hatred consume him.

I can't be the only one who sees this. This should be in the Dabi's trivia section, or at least in his and Shoto's relationship section.

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 18 December 2020

Will Class 1-A have Ultimate Moves that are inspired by there other classmates

Since chapter 256 where Mina created Acidman that was inspired by Unbreakable. That has got me thinking that all of Class 1-As students could create Ultimate Moves that are inspired them create their Ultimate Moves based off their classmates Super Move?

I'll be using a few students of Class 1-A because I don't know if all of Class 1-A will have a Super Move that will be inspired by their classmates moves. But soon I'll but all of Class 1-A over time. And I'll allow Combination Super Moves for maybe more inspirations from other super moves or something else.

  • 1 Shoto Todoroki
  • 2 Denki Kaminari
  • 3 Yuga Aoyama
  • 4 Tenya Ida
  • 5 Hanta Sero
  • 6 Izuku Midoriya
  • 7 Ochaco Uraraka
  • 8 Mina Ashido
  • 9 Ejiro Kirishima
  • 10 Momo Yaoyorozu
  • 11 Mezo Shoji
  • 12 Tsuyu Asui
  • 13 Mashirao Ojiro
  • 14 Minoru M…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 17 December 2020

Why Izuku telling people that OFA is a multi-purpose quirk (My Theory)

So because Izuku can't keep One For All a secret forever and he gonna have to reveal the true name of his quirk. But Izuku can keep the details of his quirk a secret Like keeping the transfer ability a secret. I believe that if he told people that OFA is a multi-purpose quirk it can explain why he has multiple quirks. And Izuku can tell people that he's one for the rare few people to have more that one power (ex: Shoto Todoroki has both of his parents quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot). But he has to tell people that he didn't know that another quirk will appear. And saying that OFA is a multi-purpose quirk will make people think that OFA is for one of every situations.

When the time that OFA has to be publicly known. Izuku can hide that fact that …

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BananaDoog BananaDoog 11 December 2020

Koji Koda can be op

One thing I have always wondered is since we have seen the Koda can communicate with semi-non verbal/low brain intel creatures, it makes me wonder if he can technically control plants, cause they to are living beings and some can actually communicate and many have a functioning brain. If this is true imagine how powerful he could be!

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Windyy99 Windyy99 7 December 2020

How would the Quirk-Destroying Drug affect One For All

Okay so I've had this question for awhile now and now I'm asking bc I need an answer.

Would the Quirk-Destroying Drug that was made by Overhaul be able to take One For All out of the user's body?

I'm conflicted on this question because:

1 - One For All cannot be taken unless the user wishes so 2 - The Quirk-Destroying Drug REWINDS the quirk out of the user's body, not outright destroys it 3 - Even if One For All cannot be taken forcefully, it might get taken if it is rewinded out of the body

I'm leaning toward the side that One For All could probably get destroyed out of the user's body, but only for one reason.

So, One For All can't be taken by All For One. Yeah.

But Neito Monoma, one of my favorite characters, was able to copy One For All duri…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 1 December 2020

How Izuku Midoriya might be able to keep the secret of One For All after the Paranormal Liberation War Arc (my theory of prediction)

This blog is for a prediction of what might happen after Paranormal Liberation War Arc. I'm very scared of what going to happened after the battle of the war or what's going to happen after the war arc. Turtle Quirk's theory of One For All being public knowledge might happened. I'm a very scared of that happening and I really hope that the secret of One For All will not become public knowledge. But there maybe a way for Izuku to One For All a secret. (Also spoilers to you who don't read the manga). Yes I am aware that the secret of One For All will get out. The secret of One For All is endanger during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. And I am aware that it's getting harder and harder to keep the secret of One For All. Here's some ways for…

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Camboi1606 Camboi1606 26 November 2020

I think Dabi has a secret ice quirk

I think Dabi has a secret ice quirk because he has white hair like Rei Todoroki,Who had a ice quirk and all of off the todoroki's who have white hair have ice quirks so it's not out of the realm of possibility

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HUDAman00 HUDAman00 18 November 2020

What's up with Dabi's hair


A lot of people expected the reveal of Dabi is Toya Todoroki, but the way it's playing out is what is really interesting. But one of the more puzzling things is actually a little more trivial- what's up with his hair? In the anime, it is shown to be red, and before the canonization (thats a word. don't question it.) of the theory, it was presumably so. However! When Dabi uses (insert liquid here) on his hair, it turns white. This is already confusing, so just to add icing to the cake, there is a manga scene where Dabi/Toya is training with Endeavor, and his red hair (?!) had a white sliver in it. Endeavor questioned if Toya had dyed his hair, to which the latter denied. If you have any theories, put …

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Archereye45 Archereye45 11 November 2020

Hawks' Fate

Spoilers For Chapter 290.

So has Hawks has done quite a few shady things in the name of the Greater Good: Endangering hundreds of civilians by luring High-End to the city,  attacking Best Jeanist in his home and presenting a villain with a corpse (which he may or may not have killed himself)

In Chapter 290, Dabi has exposed Endeavour publicly on a TV broadcast - Which will undoubtedly will be massive blow to Hero Society. Though, Dabi still hasn't played all his cards yet, as he's aware of Hawks's many actions. Especially if they grew up together in the government program like theories suggest. It would seem the perfect time for Dabi to expose the Number 1 and 2 in one swoop. It would bring Society to its knees.

Would the public be so forgivi…

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YourEverydayWeebGamer YourEverydayWeebGamer 5 November 2020

Heyy what's up

Sooo hi I guess... I'm Lily and I like anime and gaming.. I really like My Hero Academia, Five Nights at Freddy's, Doki Doki Literature Club, etc. I also play a lot of Minecraft and My Hero One's Justice. I also play Azur Lane too. Some of my favorite characters in My Hero Academia are Dabi, Thirteen, Toga, Shigaraki... there's a lot of stuff I like but it's really too much.. for you Five Nights at Freddy's fans out there, my favorite characters are Bonnie, Mangle, Funtime Foxy, Lolbit, and Lefty. Anyway this is pretty much me. I know, I'm really weird.. see ya!

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OtohikoKokoro51 OtohikoKokoro51 5 November 2020

Overhaul's voice actor

So yesterday, one of my friends told me this, I didn't know it, but Overhaul's dubbed voice actor *Kellen Goff* is also the same voice actor for Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. My mind exploded! (Must have been Bakugo) Yeah, I've been a FNaF fan for many years, and I've been a My Hero Academia fan since last year and I didn't know that! It seems really stupid for me to put a blog post about it but I just wanted to put this information out there just in case you didn't know.. anyway, have a good day, afternoon, or night!

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