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Black Abyss (深淵 (ブラック) (アン) () Burakku Anku?) is an Ultimate Move performed by Fumikage Tokoyami using his Dark Shadow Quirk.


Fumikage orders Dark Shadow to envelop his body. Dark Shadow covers the upper half of Fumikage's body and protects him like a suit of armor. This compensates for Fumikage's weaknesses at close range. By expanding the claws that envelop his hands, Fumikage can attack or defend from a distance[1] as well as propel himself to increase his mobility[2].

Originally, this technique was named Abyssal Black Body ( (しん) (えん) (あん) () Shin'en Anku?), but was amended in favor of a more pronouncable name. It was developed during Class 1-A's training in Gym Gamma.[3]

Related Techniques

Piercing Twilight Claw.gif Piercing Twilight Claws (宵闇よりし穿つ爪 Yoiyami Yorishi Ugatsu Tsume?): Fumikage swiftly extends Dark Shadow's claw from his arm to attack from a distance.[4]
Covert Black-Ops Arms.gif Covert Black-Ops Arms ( (くろ) (かいな) (あん) (あん) () Kuroki Kaina no An'anri?): Fumikage enlarges both of Dark Shadow's arms and crushes his targets.
Sabbath.gif Sabbath (夜宴 (サバト) Sabato?): While traveling through the air at great speed, Fumikage equips Black Abyss and uses two shadow claws to strike down his targets in a flash.[5]


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