Beru Asui ( () (すい) (ベル) Asui Beru?) is Tsuyu Asui's mother and the wife of Ganma Asui.


Beru has long, dark hair, worn in a similar style to Tsuyu’s. Her face grows wider around her mouth, which is notably long, and she has circular, spaced-out eyes with long upper eyelashes. She appears to be rather prone to blushing, as she’s seen with little pink marks on her cheeks, and she has a small nose, positioned very high up on her face. Like the rest of her family, she has a very frog-like appearance.

She wears a simple purple sweater with a darker turtleneck, which is buttoned over her left shoulder.


At some point she met Ganma and had three children: Tsuyu, Samidare Asui, and Satsuki Asui. Beru and her husband work away from home, meaning that Tsuyu takes charge of her siblings when they’re away.[1]


Tsuyu Asui

The two appear to have a positive relationship as she is comfortable leaving her two younger children in Tsuyu's care.[1]




  • Her name is Japanese for "bell". Bell frogs are a type of frog.


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