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Beros in Volume World Heroes

Beros (ベロス Berosu?) is a villain working for Flect Turn in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Beros is an athletically-built woman with short mint green hair and sharp eyes of the same color.

She wears a gray sleeveless combat suit of similar design to Rogone and Sidero's, though hers has a mask obscuring the lower part of her face. Strapped to her back is a white quiver carrying the ammo for her bow. Accompany her suit are bulky, cream-colored boots, and a green hooded cape with a red arrow fletching pinned to the left side of the hood. On her right hand is a burgundy red glove, and on her left the index finger is wrapped in the same material.




Archery: Beros is a highly skilled archer, able to accurately fire various kinds of projectiles such as arrows and Sidero's Iron Balls.


Longbow (ロング・ボウ Rongu Bō?): Beros' Quirk allows her to transform her left thumb and pinky finger into the two ends of an archery bow, allowing her to shoot projectiles with enough power to penetrate a car. She's also able to control the path of the objects she fires, allowing her to home in on her targets. However, she cannot create her own ammunition.



  • Beros' Quirk is similar to Rifle as both allow the users to transform their arms into weapons.
  • Beros is referred to as the Bow Villain (弓ヴィラン Yumi viran?).[2]
  • According to her concept art in Volume World Heroes, her name was originally romanized as "Belos".

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