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I won't fail again!
Beros in "World Heroes' Mission"

Beros (ベロス Berosu?) was a villain working for Flect Turn in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Beros was an athletically-built woman with short mint green hair and sharp eyes of the same color.

She wears a gray sleeveless combat suit of similar design to Rogone and Sidero's, though hers has a mask obscuring the lower part of her face. Strapped to her back is a white quiver carrying the ammo for her bow. Accompany her suit are bulky, cream-colored boots, and a green hooded cape with a red arrow fletching pinned to the left side of the hood. On her right hand is a burgundy red glove, and on her left the index finger is wrapped in the same material.


Like most Humarise members, Beros is devoted to carrying out Flect's plan in ridding humanity of Quirks, having no problem with causing chaos or trying to kill others while putting innocent lives in danger. She believes that she must atone for having a Quirk by pledging both her loyalty and life to her master and his cause.

Beros' loyalty to Humarise also made her unforgiving towards traitors, as she shot at Sidero when he surrendered and said that he would give the heroes information in exchange for being spared.


Archery: Beros is a highly skilled archer, able to accurately fire various kinds of projectiles such as arrows and Sidero's Iron Balls.

Skilled Driver: Beros is shown to be a proficient driver, as she was capable of riding a motorcycle while using her Quirk.


Longbow (ロング・ボウ Rongu Bō?): Beros' Quirk allows her to transform her left thumb and pinky finger into the two ends of an archery bow, allowing her to shoot projectiles with enough power to penetrate a car. She's also able to control the path of the objects she fires, allowing her to home in on her targets. However, she cannot create her own ammunition.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Beros' Quirk is similar to Lady Nagant's Rifle Quirk as both allow the users to transform their arms into weapons.
  • Beros is referred to as the Bow Villain (弓ヴィラン Yumi viran?).[1]
  • According to her concept art in Volume World Heroes, her name was originally romanized as "Belos".
  • Beros' English voice actress, Michelle Rojas, also voices Roro Soul.


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